New Smart Token System at Dubai Municipality Centers. (Supplied Photo)

The customers can now use ID card to receive waiting number to complete transactions … reports Asian Lite News.

(Supplied Photo)

As part of its efforts to implement the smart government objectives, Dubai Municipality has started implementing a new mechanism in the waiting system for the customers of its service centers in which the customer uses the ID card to receive the waiting number to complete the transactions.

Abdulla Abdulrahman, Director of the Municipality Centers Department stressed that Dubai Municipality is keen to implement the green city standards, reduce paper use, and reach simpler and better ways to serve customers.

He added that through the implementation of this mechanism, it will cancel the paper token system and instead, the customer will receive a text message on his phone with the waiting number.

“By the time we fully implement the initiative called “guarantee and safety of using ID cards,” there will be no paper tokens for waiting, instead, there will be a unique reference number for each customer. Through the data and information available in the ID card, we will try to improve the customers’ journey by customizing them and preparing the packages that suit them. In addition to that we will have easy access with them to communicate with them to know their needs and expectations, to improve their trip to the Municipality Centers,” said Abdulrahman.

He added: “We will have a great deal of information, which we will ensure our customers that it remains secure to invest it in a better way and to determine that the information provided to the concerned employees serving customers in the Municipality Centers are valid. This will be achieved through the continuous pursuit of customer satisfaction and happiness. With the implementation of this initiative, Dubai Municipality centers may be the first among the local government departments to replace the paper ticket for waiting with electronic and smart tokens.”

Abdulrahman also said that it is part of the efforts of the Municipality Centers Department in implementing the objectives of Dubai Government to reduce the number of visitors to the service centers.

“The percentage of visitors to our centers decreases annually and is in good terms. For example, Al Twar Center received 135,834 transactions in the first quarter of this year compared to the first quarter of last year, which had received 172,843 customers,” he said.

The Municipality has four service centers: Al Tawar, Al Manara, Al Kifaf and Hatta, which are joint centres that offer the services of many local departments, authorities and government institutions, as well as the private sector that provides services related to local government agencies.



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