Arab States Fuel Growth With Oil Funds

Oil-exporting countries in the Arab World will benefit throughout 2022 from the increased oil production quantities within the “OPEC+” agreement and relatively higher oil and gas prices in international markets, reports Asian Lite Newsdesk The expected economic growth rate for the Arab countries will rise to 5.4 percent in 2022 due to rising oil prices, the increase in production in Arab oil-exporting countries, and the continuation of reforms that promote...

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Demand for 5G smartphones drops

Practical uses of 5G have yet to be seen, and is especially unnecessary for low-mid devices when 4G speeds are sufficient in day-to-day usage…reports Asian Lite News As India plans to usher in the 5G era, the demand for 5G-compatible devices has nosedived in Southeast...

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Steps to navigate emotional roller coaster of menopause

Protect your mental health – Menopause can have a profound impact on your daily life by inducing mood changes, lack of motivation, stress, and mental health problems5…reports Asian Lite News The number of menopausal and postmenopausal women in the world is anticipated to reach 1.2...

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