Mike Pence.

Brazilian President Michel Temer will discuss the situation of Brazilian children separated from their migrant parents in the US, when American Vice President Mike Pence arrives on a two-day visit…reports Asian Lite News.

Mike Pence.

According to government news agency Agencia Brasil it will receive “special and concrete treatment” at the first high-level meeting between Brazil and the US since Temer took office in mid-2016, following his predecessor, Dilma Rousseff’s removal.

The situation of over 40 Brazilian children who have been separated from their parents and are being kept in shelters will be discussed at the meeting, Undersecretary for Multilateral Political Matters for Europe and North America Fernando Simas Magalhaes said.

Magalhaes said that Temer will express his worries about their treatment , adding that “our concern with the dignity of these families and children” would be made clear, Xinhua news agency reported.

The US has received severe criticism over the child separation policy. Images of the cage-like shelters, with children having only tinfoil blankets to keep warm caused international uproar.

The worldwide criticism eventually led US President Donald Trump to sign a decree halting the separations.

However, family reunifications have been slow. There are still thousands of children separated from their parents, including several Brazilian citizens.

According to Magalhaes, Brazilian diplomatic staff in the US have reported difficulties in locating these children.



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