Ahmed Zarouni. (Supplied Photo)

Dubai Municipality automates procurement system; links with Dubai Smart Government and Tejari … reports Asian Lite News.

Ahmed Zarouni. (Supplied Photo)

Dubai Municipality’s Contracts and Purchasing Department, in collaboration with Dubai Smart Government and Tejari, the strategic purchasing solutions company, has successfully linked Tejari’s procurement system and the government resources system of the Government of Dubai (Procurement) with the aim of automating the internal procurement and data systems and linking them with external systems.

Dawood Abdulrahman Al Hajiri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, praised the working team in the Purchasing Section, the officials of Smart Government and Tejari for the close and positive cooperation that resulted in the success of the interconnection project at no cost to the parties.

He added that the two systems work by synchronizing them using the data to generate purchase orders automatically to buy materials and goods without the need for human intervention or the transfer and circulation of data from one system to another.

“Completing all purchase transactions and linking automatically and quickly contribute in saving efforts and operational expenses and achieve the principle of transparency and the implementation of smart purchases. It also satisfies the suppliers and customers and harmonizes them with the governance and management of financial resources efficiently and effectively to achieve the strategic objectives of the Municipality consistent with the government’s fiscal policy strategy,” said Al Hajiri.

Ahmed Al Zarouni, Director of Purchasing Section at Dubai Municipality, added that the previous procurement system was based on the manual linking between the Tejari procurement system and the government resources system, which are two separate systems.

“Dubai Municipality has become the first government department to succeed in the process of linking the two systems to generate purchase orders and forward it for approval automatically, which enhances the efficiency and quality of data and saves a lot of money and effort on the Municipality employees and creates an electronic competitive atmosphere providing the best procurement offers to the government,” he said.

Hessa Al Emadi, Head of Purchasing Unit in the Contracts and Purchasing Department, said that the implementation of the project was carried out by a joint team of Dubai Municipality, Dubai Smart Government and Tejari, according to a six-month work plan.

“The Municipality prepared a technical study to analyze the time to be taken and to determine the cost of the effort before the application of the linkage. It is expected that the change will save 3,380 hours of work per year, equivalent to Dhs675,990 per year. It is noteworthy that Dubai Municipality annually collects data of about 3,500 contracts,” she said.



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