Finland Prime Minister Juha Sipila.

Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipila has said Finland endorses an “overall approach” by the EU to tackle unauthorised immigration.

Finland Prime Minister Juha Sipila.

He said on Sunday the underlying reasons for wanting to move should be intercepted in the countries of origin, and a combination of several measures should be included, such as the system of quota refugees, surveillance of the outer borders of the EU and control of the flows of people between the countries within the EU, Xinhua reported.

Sipila made the remarks when talking to Finnish media late Sunday after a meeting in Brussels.

Sipila said earlier on Sunday that Finland is ready to support Germany in finding ways of preventing asylum seekers from moving between EU countries.

He said that bilateral arrangements could be a way to start. “That could then lead possibly to a European solution.”

The Prime Minister said that in Sunday’s meeting, leaders of EU countries had indicated support to “regional processing centres”.

In those centers, people rescued at sea would be assorted as those wanting to arrive in Europe for economic reasons and as those who are in need of international protection.

Sipila told Finnish News Agency STT that he would rather describe the would-be facilities as “landing centres”. He said EU countries are considering whether the centers would be inside or outside Europe.

He said the UN refugee organisation UNHCR has expressed willingness in helping in the establishment of the centres.

“It is important so that the conditions in the facilities are ascertained,” Sipila said. Finland is to formulate its view in the ministerial committee for EU affairs on Tuesday.



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