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The makers of the Malayalam film “Aickarakkonathe Bhishaguaranmaar”, to be released in 100 theatres on October 5, have pledged the entire revenue towards Kerala Rebuild … reports Asian Lite News.


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The film is produced by UAE-based Aries Group. Sohan Roy, chairman and CEO of Aries Group, said that it’s their duty to help Kerala, which is going through its most devastating situation in a century, in every possible way.
They have decided to use 75 per cent of the revenue earned for building homes for those who lost their homes in the worst ever floods that hit the state last month, while the remaining 25 per cent of the revenue would go to those who suffered losses and are working in the film industry.
“This is not the first time that we are offering a helping hand to the needy. Aries Group had provided the entire revenue of its first movie ‘Jalam’ for the homeless in Idukki. Aries Group had also delivered the flood-affected people of Kuttanadu with essential commodities,” said Roy.

The Aries Group will use 75 per cent of the revenue generated and they will identify the beneficiary and build a new home, while the 25 per cent would be utilised in tandem with Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA), which will help to identify those who work in the film industry and suffered losses.

“Aickarakkonathe Bhishaguaranmaar” tells the tale of the life of common people in a village named Aickarakkonam. Directed by Biju Majid and produced by Abhini Sohan

The film’s cast includes Vipin Mangalassery, Samardh Ambujakshan, Sinseer Muhammad, Miyashree, Hridya Nijilesh, Lakshmi Atul, Shyam Kurup, most of who were selected from the national level auditions conducted by Indywood Talent Hunt.



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