Sabeena M Sali (Supplied Photo)

Sabeena M Sali, author of many books and poems talks to Asian Lite about her works and achievements … reports Asian Lite News.

Sabeena M Sali (Supplied Photo)

Sabeena M Sali  D/o Mr. A Muhammed kunju  and Mrs. Subaida beevi,  from Ernakulam district of Kerala, presently working as pharmacist in Saudi MOH. Graduated in Botany from Maharajas college Ernakulam. Completed HDC and D pharam and after that   transplanted life with family  to Saudi Arabia.  Spouse  Mr.Muhammed Sali  and children, Bilal and Asiya.  By writing  poems,  got an entry  into the  dais  of  literature.

The first book was a collection of poems “Bagdaadile panineerppookkal” published by classic books and it is released in Riyadh 2010 by the well known   poet Kureeppuzha Sreekumar. It contain prose poetry touching   different  phases of life.

The second book was “Kanyavinodam” a collection of 23 short stories published by Kairali books. The stories   sculpturing the life of expatriates as well as keralites. The preface to the stories was written by Subash chandran . The book won Pravasi Book Trust Award 2016.

The third book was again poems, “Vaakkinullile daivam”. Truly a collection of symbolic  and imagery poems, published by Kairali books. The book was released at  Sahithya Academy  hall by the renowned  novelist T D Ramakrishnan.

The fourth book is a collection of essays “Gandhadweepukalute paaraavukaari” containing   personal memories and experiences, published by Saikatham books.  Our memory is our coherence said by a Spanish film maker Luis Bunuel. If, Psychologically speaking,   people   in this era fascinated to read personal experiences rather than stories or poems. This book is a trial of reconstructing, those moments that passed away from our lives. So in that sense, I can call it as an autobiographical memory.

Sabeena M Sali (Supplied Photo)

Fifth book again stories   “Rathriveru” published by DC books.  The story “ mayichirakulla malaaakha adhava melek Taus “ is the highlight of that book.  It refers to the massive sufferings of yazidi  groups of Iraq from ISIL particularly, the heroine of the story  Yasifa. It brings the attention, how a race is going to abandon from earth and its consequences. The story won Qatar Samskriti C V Sreeraman Award also.

Now, my first novel is about to release in 18th  Sharjah International Book Fair. “ Thanalppeyth”  The life story of Safiya, the female social worker who helped a lot of poor expatriates  who suffer in Saudi Arabia  while the hardships of  deadly cancer of her body.   The story   is a combination of   facts and fictions.

Awards and achievements –  K C Pillai memorial  short story award, T V Kochu Bava short story award, Sahyakalvedi, poetry awards,  KMCC, Friends Creations and Keli  awards for best articles. Pravasi book Trust  award, Samskrithi CV Sreeraman short story award.

As an ocean of knowledge, Literature  always stands ahead to enhance the overall intellectual capacity of human being.  It washes away all dirt and dust from the minds. As a writer , I think I am a mere molecule, not even a drop in that vast ocean.  According to my past experiences, in writing  I think, through fiction writing only we can unmask some of the bitter truths of the society. In literature, the only masterpiece I follow to build up my writing career is the dictionary itself.



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