Mr Yaseen Hasan, Managing Director and CEO of Sky Tower General Trading LLC (Clean & Hygiene Centre). (Supplied Photo)

Mr Yaseen Hasan, Managing Director and CEO of Sky Tower opens up to Asian Lite with his views on ‘Rebuild Kerala’ … reports Asian Lite News.

Mr Yaseen Hasan, Managing Director and CEO of Sky Tower General Trading LLC (Clean & Hygiene Centre). (Supplied Photo)

Kerala being a place very close to nature, whatever we are planning should be in coherence with nature. The recent floods should make us aware about the need of sustainable development. Unfortunately, what I have seen is that we are not having a clear-cut policy for sustainable development. While constructing or developing, what we are seeing is the environment being penalised. Due to this nothing will be perfect, finally what we see are lot of problems everywhere.

Kerala, the god’s own country, has the scope to be the number one tourist destination in the world, provided we know how to implement constructive developments. We can be a role model for rest of India and the world. Compared to many tourist destinations around the world, at times we really become concerned by seeing the sort of development in our place.

People construct the building according to the size of their plot, and do not bother about their environmental impact. At times, all we think about are getting approvals, such practices show how negligent we have become. I am not talking against the development; development should be sustainable that should go along with our natural habitat. All development should be with long-term plans. We should know that all around the world climate changes are happening, so wee need to be very much alert to bring positive changes in our policy and raise an alarm for the same.

We should not be complaisant and consider that floods can happen only once in every century, it is a sort of negative thinking, no one can predict natural disasters. We must do our part to prevent such things with proper developmental planning. We can definitely bring back the charm of Kerala, not the charm what we have been holding these years, a charm which is sustainable to our nature, a charm which natural.

Me, being closely related to cleaning & hygiene field, I have been attending so many seminars and exhibitions around the globe. Unfortunately till date we don’t have a waste management policy in practice. This is some thing, which is very important in today’s world as we have huge amount of electronic waste accumulating. This is a new age issue; I really don’t think having a proper waste management policy is difficult in our situation. Till date we don’t have sewerage plants, we just depend on dump yards. I don’t think it is difficult for us to implement such things. It is just a matter of will power. It is really high time to have such policy. This is the right time to implement such developmental constructive thinking in to practice and reality. Kerala is a beautiful land, Kerala has the potential, has the scope, has the manpower, only thing what we need is will power and a political leadership who are determined to bring sustainable development.

I wish our leadership would bring the positive changes…. to once again have a real god’s own country – Kerala.




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