Young, dynamic, suave, and dapper is how Dr. Aman Puri is described in the UK. Energetic to the core, he is also recognised as a ‘’People’s Diplomat’’ because of his easy- to- reach approach. His office will provide consular access to needy in the Indian diaspora. A connoisseur of good quality music, Puri was actively engaged with people from different walks of life.

Dr. Aman Puri who hails from Chandigarh and studied Dentistry from Amritsar had assumed charge as Consul General of India, Birmingham on 22 February 2017 has now assumed charge in CGI office in Dubai. On the eve of his departure from the UK , he recollects he had visited Dubai as a part of the Indian government team on a  survey and his last visit to Dubai was in 2016 as a tourist. He describes ‘’Dubai – the City of Gold has huge potential for the Indo-UAE relationship and strategic support.’’

There is absolute confidence as he positively believes like India ‘’UAE will bounce back in the next few months.’’

‘’UAE has huge resources thus it becomes an attractive proposition to the world to help UAE revive quickly,’’ said Dr. Puri.

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Dr Puri strongly believes that ‘’people in India and everywhere need to identify opportunities of revival. Thinking out of the box and developing new modern skill sets is the need of the hour to revive. The new normal is the digital world to connect. ‘’

When asked as to would his new assignment that covers a totally different cultural region, does it offer challenges or will this posting be less stressful than the UK?, Dr Puri said:‘’I do envisage the assignment in Dubai to be very challenging, but also very fulfilling. I would like to add that for me prospects of India’s engagement are vital and is a priority for me whether that work is to be done in UK or UAE. I would say that Dubai offers a larger platform due to significantly larger Indian diaspora, strong air connectivity with several Indian cities, higher density of Indian visitors, etc. ‘’

Furthermore, he added, ‘’Because of many low-skilled and unskilled workers from India working in Dubai and in the UAE, in general, it creates different issues and I would do my best to support them in the best way possible. My zeal and efforts will totally contribute towards putting India on a global map and forming better and more prospective tie-ups between India and UAE.”

The presence of huge Indian diaspora, approx. 3.2 million, cements relations between India and the UAE in various sectors.

Puri humbly confessed ,’’ I am new to the region. Thus, I will need to assess and check out all welfare services. Indian organisations are very strong and I am aware thus the CGI office will seek the support of all stakeholders.’’

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