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UAE’s Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, FAHR, announced that staffing capacity in all ministries and federal authorities from July 5, 2020, will be 100 percent.

In an announcement, the Authority said this represents an important step that contributes to achieving the UAE strategy for a post-COVID-19 situation, ifficial news agency WAM reported.

The Authority has circulated the decision to all federal departments. This includes cancelling all exceptions granted to employees of the federal government. The exceptions are limited to only one category of employees with chronic diseases on the submission of a detailed medical report approved by the relevant medical committee.

The decision also stressed the importance of the federal authorities to adhere to a set of conditions, the foremost of which is strict adherence to the application of the “The Guidelines for Office and Workplace Environment during Emergency Conditions”, and the instructions related to professional safety and health with an emphasis on social distancing to the employees in federal government departments.

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