India’s Fight Against Plastic

Aligned with this year’s theme, HDFC Bank Parivartan unveiled a unique 26-foot by 6-foot wall mural created by young students in partnership with the Waste Warriors Society in Barwala, Dharamshala. ..reports Asian Lite News

One needs an annual reminder about the need to stop exploiting the precious natural resources. This year’s The World Earth Day theme was ‘Planet vs Plastics’, which conveys the need to urgently rein in on the plastic menace.  

The consumption of plastic in India is increasing by a compounded annual growth rate of 10 percent every year. This prioritises the importance of recycling and recovery of the plastic waste in the overall economy of plastics.

Aligned with this year’s theme, HDFC Bank Parivartan unveiled a unique 26-foot by 6-foot wall mural created by young students in partnership with the Waste Warriors Society in Barwala, Dharamshala. 

“HDFC Bank Parivartan has taken a decisive stance against plastic pollution. Our initiatives align well with the theme of this year’s Earth Day, Plastic vs. Planet. We are dedicated to our commitment to drive positive change in rural communities by supporting sustainable waste management initiatives. Through our waste management initiatives, we reaffirm our dedication to cultivating a plastic-free future and enhancing the well-being of communities in ecologically sensitive regions,” said Nusrat Pathan, Head CSR, HDFC Bank.  

It is the young generation which holds the key to uphold the values of mankind and recognising the influence children wield within households, UFlex used school workshops to spread awareness.

Taking a major step towards that goal, UFlex has tied up with NGO Say Earth and engaged with 13 schools and educated more than 4000 students on ecological balance and environmental sustainability.

“Our collaboration with Say Earth highlights our commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement. We believe educating young minds about sustainability is vital to securing a greener future for our planet. We are proud to support initiatives that promote responsible waste management and ecological balance, paving the way for a sustainable tomorrow,” said Apoorvshree Chaturvedi, Director – Global Operations, UFlex Group.  

Meanwhile, taking the plastic usage menace head-on, ITC Hotels has managed to successfully mitigate single-use plastic at nearly 150 touch points, leading to a reduction of approximately 2.5 lakh kg of plastic waste annually. The brand’s plastic substitution efforts are founded on the reduce, reuse, recycle policy, and include a special packaging made from compostable material, installed glass-bottling plants on its premises to do away with plastic water bottles, trading plastic drinking straws and stirrers and other basic amenities with paper and wooden alternatives.

Other corporate houses too have started implementing programmes which help in preserving the planet’s core natural offerings.
For instance, the Hyundai Motor India Foundation’s initiative of creating and donating bench and desk sets to schools utilising factory waste showcases a potential blueprint for waste recycling initiatives while McDonald’s India- North and East has repurposed its out-of-home marketing material into school bags for kids. 

Leena Dandekar, Founder, Raintree Foundation, however, feels the task is cut out in the battle to eradicate plastic usage. 

“As one of the largest and fastest-growing economies globally, India stands at the cusp of leading transformative change towards climate action and sustainable growth. However, among the key challenges that we face, plastic pollution has seeped its way from urban landscapes into our natural ecological and biodiversity systems. Despite being among the lowest per capita plastic waste producers globally, India faces significant challenges in managing its plastic waste, primarily due to lack of understanding and ownership of waste disposal, segregation, and management,” said Dandekar.

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