WhatsApp set to introduce new Channel Alerts feature

The ‘channel alerts’ function aims to improve the channel managers’ overall experience…reports Asian Lite News

Meta-owned WhatsApp is all set to introduce new features for Android users that allow users to search messages by date, access hidden navigation labels, and receive channel alerts.

WhatsApp has introduced the new Channel Alerts feature with the WhatsApp Beta for Android update and will be rolling it out to all users in the coming days, according to the Mashable website.

According to a report from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is rolling out a feature to search messages by date, channel alerts, and hidden navigation labels, and they are available to some beta testers.

The new features are currently accessible to a select group of beta testers, with plans to gradually expand availability to additional users in the near future, as per the WABetaInfo report.

The ‘channel alerts’ function aims to improve the channel managers’ overall experience. Provided that administrators are provided with up-to-date information about channel suspensions, any problems can be resolved quickly.

Administrators can also use this feature to send a direct WhatsApp request for the restoration of their channels. According to the report, channel owners are advised to access the “channel alerts” option in the channel info screen to ensure compliance and identify any potential violations, as quoted by Mashable website.

The addition of channel alerts gives the platform an additional level of transparency.

Moreover, the communication platform is introducing two new capabilities following the installation of the most recent app update. These enhancements include an automatic hiding of navigation labels and the top app bar while scrolling down the screen, as well as the ability to search messages by date. The latter feature will provide users with an efficient and convenient method to navigate their chat history. This functionality will assist in retrieving specific messages from a particular date, ultimately saving users valuable time, as stated in the report.

An additional feature added to WhatsApp is the ability to transmit voice messages that can only be heard once before disappearing. Similar to the ‘View Once’ option for images and videos, this feature further protects the privacy of your messages and was added in 2021. (ANI)

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