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DRC to open diplomatic mission in Jerusalem

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will open a diplomatic and trade representative in Jerusalem...reports Asian Lite News

JAISHANKAR: New Vulnerabilities, New Opportunities

India’s External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar addressed an event organised by Public Affairs Forum of India. The theme of the event...

China Declines Pakistan’s ‘Mango Diplomacy’

Around the time when Pakistan and China were launching their ongoing diplomatic bromance in the 1960s, the juicy and pulpy fruit had...

US pulls out diplomats from Kabul

The decision comes as the situation in Afghanistan has worsened than before due to the rise in violence...reports Asian Lite News

The new US strategy to edge out China

Strategic Competition Act of 2021', a legislation that will allow the US to edge out China in all fields—strategic, economic, and diplomatic...

Harris picked as point person for migration response

Biden described Harris as someone compared to whom nobody "is better qualified to do this...reports Asian Lite News