Wasim Akram with Shaji Ul Mulk, Chairman, T10 Cricket League

Big Names including Mohammed Amir, Dwayne Smith, Shakib Al Hasan and Alex Hales To Play in Sharjah….reports Asian Lite News

Wasim Akram with Shaji Ul Mulk, Chairman, T10 Cricket League

The first-ever international T10 Cricket League literally went live on Sunday afternoon as the draft for players to the five teams was telecast from on board a luxury yacht berthed at the Dubai Marina.

As many as 60 players were chosen by the 5 teams taking part in these proceedings, with the 6th team Sri Lanka Cricket having already been announced a day prior.

The first to be taken in category A was Pakistan bowler Mohammed Amir as the Maratha Arabians set the ball rolling. In the next two rounds their think tank picked up Imad Wasim and England’s Alex Hales.

For the Pakhtoons their first choice was Fakhar Zaman followed by Tamim Iqbal and West Indian Dwayne Smith.

Bengal Tigers Team Owners with icon player Sarfraz Ahmed

The Bengal Tigers opened their score with a roar pulling in Sunil Narine and backing him with Mustafizur Rahman and Darren Sammy.

The Kerala Kings then came into the fray with Keiron Pollard and the bowling duo of Sohail Tanvir and Shakib Al Hasan.

Finallly, in these elite rounds, Punjabi Legends picked up all-rounder Hassan Ali and power packed the first choice by going in for Umar Akmal and Chris Jordan.

Witnessed by a large media contingent, directors and owners of the teams, the draft process was taken very seriously with the excitement tangible.

“This is the first time we have had a draft in the Emirates so a very special occasion indeed. The yacht as a venue added an extra dose of glamour. Everyone concerned has got into the spirit of it and ensured that it is an authentic and transparent process, which is why we decided to telecast the whole event,’ said Shaji Ul Mulk, Chairman of the T10 Cricket League and the man whose brainchild this inaugural event is.

Speaking on the occasion he struck a light note when he said people have asked him not just have a toss if you keep reducing the length of the game. “The answer to that is simple,” said Shaji with a smile, “I got the idea watching a soccer game and I thought to myself, the ninety minutes is ideal for the to have a great time, as with other sport why not cricket of intense energy.”

“The demographic dictated a concentration on players in the Emirates and nations that are represented in the region,” he added.

He underscored the fact that the rules were according to the ICC mandate and though there was a large element of fun in the quick version, the games will be played competitively and professionally.

“The desire to be the first winners of a T10 tournament is a historical achievement and will motivate the players to doing their best on the field,” he said. Mr Mulk also expressed the hope that the T10 format would soon become a regular fixture on the world cricket calendar and be played by the best players in the sport.

Also speaking on the occasion the President of the League, Salman Iqbal, compared the T10 to the F 1 and said he was confident that the format had come to stay.



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