Advocate Abdul Karim Ahmed Bin-Eid is a leading advocate and legal consultant in the UAE. He is in the forefront of helping people in distress. He is one among the prominent UAE citizens who accompanied Sharjah Ruler HH Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi to Kerala. Asian Lite’s Rafeek Ravuther meets him to get more details about his professional life.

UAE recently celebrated 46th National Day. How proud are you and what you want to share with the Indian community?

UAE was formed on 2nd December 1971 under the leadership of HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and HH Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum. In these 46 years, UAE has made great progress and development. The Rulers of the seven emirates together have developed the UAE as we see it today. You can witness the truly significant developments in all the emirates. The welfare of the employees and workers who are toiling for the progress of this country are taken care of, regardless of their nationality. Humanity is given foremost importance and the law protects the security and safety of the people. That is why the UAE is now the most favourite place for people from all over the world to work and stay.

What is your comment on Indian Community in the UAE?

Indians are one of the first expat communities to arrive in the UAE. Indians are the main workforce here and they contributed immensely to the fast development of UAE. Their contributions are visible in almost all the fields especially in education, medical, construction and hospitality sector.

Advocate Kareem with Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, Opposition leader Ramesh C and media personality PT Kunhi Mohammed

 You are known for your contribution to building the Indo UAE relationship over the years. How crucial is their role in maintaining regional peace and development?

The Indo UAE relationship is not new. The relation is more than 100 years old. UAE has had trade relations with India and was bringing food and spices in the traditional boats from very old days. Indian trade relation was not just with UAE but with all the countries in the Gulf region. Indians, as a workforce or as an investor always maintain a peaceful relation with all the communities around them. This good relation is still continuing hence the major workforce in UAE are Indians especially Keralites.

You are an advocate and Legal Advisor to many organisations including Sharjah Indian Association. What’s your role in that context?

I had been working with the police since 1978 and taken voluntary retirement after 21 years of service. Then I studied law. I am a post graduate in law from Dubai Police College. My main purpose is to help people in distress, especially the non-residents in the UAE. I am always helping those who are in jail but innocent. Sharjah Indian Association is doing a great job in this regard. They take the help of lawyers to assist such people in distress. To prove their innocence, we will file review petitions and will do our best to prove them not guilty.

I am also providing free legal assistance and service based on the merit and financial situation of the person. During the recent visit to Kerala by the ruler of Sharjah to Kerala, Chief Minister Mr Pinarayi Vijayan has requested for the release of Keralities who are in jail for petty cases and cheque cases. In response, HH Sheikh Sultan has released around 149 Indians, not just Keralites.

If anyone needs your help, how can they contact you?

We have a website where you will get the contact information and other details. We have also free chat facility for the clients. Started in 1991, we have a panel of more than 45 legal advisors and 5 lawyers of different nationalities and 4 legal offices in UAE.

Congratulations on your good work. There are hundreds of people you have helped who must remember you in their prayers. Keep doing it.




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