Photo Caption: Lootah hoists Hamdan Flag during the celebration  


Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipalit, said the award winning Montaji initiative is in line with the vision of Dubai 2021 and supports the Expo Dubai 2020

Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality is dedicated to modernise most of its services to match with the targets of Vision 2021 and country’s aim to create an eco-friendly consumer system.

Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality, was addressing an event organised to celebrate the Municipality winning of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart Government Award for its Montaji App, which was selected as the best and most innovative initiative in the Emirate of Dubai for 2017.

Lootah hoisted the flag of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council on the main building of the Municipality to celebrate the victory.

Abdullah Al Basti, Secretary General of Dubai Executive Council was the chief guest in the celebration, which was attended by the Assistants to the Director General and Department Directors and other employees.

Lootah hoists Hamdan Flag

Lootah, who led the Municipality celebration, stressed the need to encourage and motivate all organisational units and their employees to work diligently and have healthy competition to improve and develop the Municipality’s programs and services thereby become notable and win various local and foreign awards in various fields.

Lootah pointed out that Montaji initiative is in line with the vision of Dubai 2021 and supports the Expo Dubai 2020, adding that the Montaji App is characterized by the provision of sustainable, smart and integrated services, with best quality and enhances the experience of both investors and consumers and stars of service.

“The App allows investors to ensure the sale of their consumer products in the local markets with transparency and ease as their rights will be protected through the evaluation and registration of products in the smart electronic system, “Montaji” through simple and easy procedures that do not exceed more than 3-4 minutes and without paying any visit to the Municipality service centers,” he said.

“It also contributes to ensuring a clean, healthy and sustainable environment by reducing carbon emissions and footprint harmful to the environment as the initiative has contributed to reducing the time required to complete the service to 98%, reaching customer satisfaction and confidence in the transparency of the service, and saving their rights up to 97%,” Lootah pointed out.

He stressed that through Montaji App, consumer products such as cosmetics, personal care, perfumes, detergents, antibiotics and health supplements are evaluated and tested to ensure their safety and to see that they are free of prohibited substances, using a smart engine with system for assessing the product risk.

Lootah hoists Hamdan Flag

Lootah said the Montaji App has raised the productivity level to star service to more than 40% and reduced costs to 2% and happiness index of the employee has reached 93%.

He pointed out that Dubai Municipality is using modern technologies such as Blockchain for Montaji system to reflect the success story of activating the Blockchain platform extending the partnership to “digital partnership,” which allows building a reliable digital database of consumer products through a distributed decentralization system.

“None of the parties in the system need to know a lot about the rest of the parties’ work, but through each one’s role it provides the system with information that integrates with the rest of the system quickly and with integrated protection,” Lootah explained.

“Our goal is to adopt modern technology and activate it to build a system to integrate the data on consumer products and connect the various parties of the system from a factory, importer, distributor, regulatory and control bodies facilitating the procedures and providing an integrated database that also extends to cover the shipments and the operating companies and all operations of transport, distribution, storage, sales and the like,” he said.

“In order to ensure that consumer products comply with health and safety requirements in the local market, databases have been provided in the Montaji App using modern technologies that support more than 100,000 consumer products (90% for imported products and 10% for manufactured in the country). The database was designed and implemented in a way that the public can use the smart app to ensure the health and safety of individuals as consumers,” explained Lootah.

“The App also acts as an integrated bridge to connect with Dubai Municipality to check the status of the registration of consumer products by scanning the bar code of the product using a smartphone camera. Thus, it empowers the public to enhance community monitoring and reporting non-registered products directly to the Municipality using the App,” he said.

“The application is characterised by an API technology that allows any consumer to access large data in the Montaji App and get information on any consumer product in the local market as it is linked to the Montaji system to register consumer products,” Lootah said.

He said that the second stage of the Montaji system will include the addition of other features such as connectivity and electronic interaction with the system of the Department of Economic Development, Dubai Customs, and electronic connectivity and interaction with the Dubai Central Laboratory and other approved laboratories for developing laboratory analysis services regarding the products, as well as other relevant departments in the Municipality to publish the circulars issued by the Municipality and the concerned authorities in the country.

Lootah reiterated that Dubai Municipality’s ultimate goal is to establish trust and confidence among the public and to communicate effectively to connect the business community with the general public.

“The Montaji initiative is characterised by an integrated smart system with a single database serving the customer and the consumer simultaneously, in order to ensure safety and health in Dubai,” he said.





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