Officials gather at the stage of Sundeep Hall of Delhi Private School to initiate the ceremony.

Gurudwara Dubai Takes its Second Guinness World Records Title for ‘Largest Distribution of Saplings’ … reports Asian Lite News.

Gurudwara Dubai Takes its Second Guinness World Records Title for ‘Largest Distribution of Saplings’.

The stage of the Sundeep Hall of Delhi Private School was transformed into a garden, having walls partitions crawled over with grass and flowers, decorated with plants and birds that exude a rejuvenating ambiance of nature. It was a perfect representation of the objective of the gathering, visualizing the importance sustainability through environmental protection.

In celebration of the World Sikh Environment Day and the Sikh New Year, plant saplings were distributed to the students of Delhi Private School that will be planted within its premises in Dubai and Sharjah.

Officials gather at the stage of Sundeep Hall of Delhi Private School.

The event is in line with The Year of Zayed, commemorating the life, values and achievements of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, a true advocate of environment protection. Taking care of the environment is part of the Sikh Ethos that the organizers, Gurudwara Dubai, hope to remind today’s children. And to ensure that such important message be kept alive as a constant inspiration and reminder to everyone, this event was applied to Guinness World Records as an official attempt to be the world’s “Largest Distribution of Saplings’.

The official adjudicator of Guinness World Records meticulously counted and inspected each and every plant sapling making sure that all these are qualified. Each of the students was also given bar-coded identification card to ensure accurate counting with no duplication during the distribution. After approximately 3 hours of distribution that started at 9am and under the supervision of Guinness World Records adjudicator, Gurudwara Dubai has convincingly broken the current record and was declared the official Guinness World Records title holder of ‘Largest Distribution of Saplings’ for distributing 2,083 saplings. This is Gurudwara Dubai’s second world record as it also holds the title for ‘Most Nationalities Having a Continental Breakfast’.

The audience at Sundeep Hall of Delhi Private School.

The event will not be successful without the leadership of both Gurudwara Dubai and Delhi Private School. The strong support of the volunteers from Gurudwara Dubai as well as the faculty and staff of the Delhi Private School was instrumental in organizing this endeavor. Beyond the record, it is the immortalized message of nurturing the environment that is the most important goal achieved on this day. And secondly that partnership among different community organizations proved once again that joint service initiatives results to meaningful accomplishments.

“We only have one earth. This is our only home. The same way that we take care of our houses, the more that we should be concerned on preserving the environment. If we do harm to the environment we ultimately harm ourselves and our children. If we neglect to protect the environment it sure will not safeguard our very own survival. Each plant distributed is more than just promoting greenery it is a symbolism of hope that we pass along to the youth of today” Surender Kandhari, Chairman, Gurudwara Guru Nanak Darbar Dubai.



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