Dawood Al Hajiri honours Municipality employee, who rescued two European tourists. (Supplied Photo)

Dubai Municipality Director General honors employee who rescued two European tourists who were robbed … reports Asian Lite News.

(Supplied Photo)

Dawood Al Hajiri, Director General of Dubai Municipality on Tuesday honoured a Municipality employee, who rescued two European tourists, who were robbed in a city street.

Al Hajiri praised the heroic act done by Hamdi Bhansi, who works as a Senior Public Health Inspection Officer in the Health Control Section of the Municipality’s Health and Safety Department.

Bhansi helped the European tourist and his wife, who had been robbed of her handbag by three Asians. He chased them down and returned the bag to the tourist couple. Banshi was able to catch hold of one of the thieves, who was later arrested by Dubai Police.

Al Hajiri stressed that the noble spirit and the initiative to help others deserve appreciation and praise. “This courage and dignity should be taken as an example and a model for all. This type of attitude shows the extent of peaceful coexistence and the spirit of social responsibility in the hearts of all members of the society in the country,” he added.

Bhansi expressed his happiness with the honor given to him by the Director General of Dubai Municipality, in addition to the recognition he received by Dubai Police, stressing that he would not hesitate for one moment to help people in distress and that what he did in this situation was only a reflection of tolerance in the UAE community.



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