James & Alex Dance Class in action. (Supplied Photo)

Enjoy a variety of dance classes completely FREE for a week – September 1st until September 6th … reports Asian Lite News.

James & Alex Dance Class in action. (Supplied Photo)

Dancing is one of the most positive forms of physical activity. It requires focus, precise technique and attention to detail. It can also offer a myriad of benefits to your body and work as a natural anti-depressant, releasing happiness hormones. However, with so many dance forms out there, it becomes quite the task to decide which one is for you!

So, how do you know which class is the one for you?

For one week only, James & Alex Dance Studios in Dubai Media City will be offering a variety of drop-in classes where you can try as many styles as you want… for free! The studio offers a variety of classes from Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Street Dance, Zumba and Yoga. During this week you can try as many dance style as you like, to find out what you enjoy best, without any limitations.

James & Alex Dance Studio. (Supplied Photo)

The best part is you simply have to sign up, turn up and dance! The full schedule is available online at www.jamesandalex.com.

Free Dance Week will kick off on September 1st until the 6th, at James and Alex Dance Studios, located in the heart of Dubai Media City, which boasts three stunning studios and 4,000 square feet of space. The studios are open Sunday to Thursday between 2pm and 10pm, and Saturday between 10am and 10pm.



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