During the workshop. (Supplied Photo)

The workshop gave the members an opportunity to heal negative emotions like fear, anger and sadness … reports Asian Lite News.

During the workshop. (Supplied Photo)

Indian Ladies Association hosted Karma Healing Workshop on 19th September 2018. The workshop gave a scientific perspective of healing human emotions like fear, anger, sadness stored in the depth of DNA. The emotions are addressed and healed through world’s fast growing technique, ‘Karma Healing’

These techniques were taught by Karma Guru Sumant kaul and Karma Guru Sumeet Kaul and were introduced for first time to residence of Abu Dhabi by his students Mrs. Ginni Banga and Mrs. Lakshmi Udhay, in a well-organized event by ILA .

“It was a memorable workshop to witness all the participants releasing and healing,” said Lakshmi Uday.

“Thankful for this opportunity and helping the society get the awareness about karma healing knowledge,” said Ginni Banga and expressed gratitude to ILA members.

“Since the beginning of year we have laid the objective of community welfare and wellness and today we are happy to introduce our members to this ancient technique of meditation and the team from SKITA which resonates the same commitment and inspiration to spread wellness through meditation in UAE,” said Annu Chouraria, President of Indian Ladies Association.

During the workshop. (Supplied Photo)

“Women have multifarious roles and its very important to have a positive energy /aura around us in order to maintain peace of mind, emotional and physical wellbeing and an overall state of happiness and joy. We are all born with innate gifts and talents which is brought into physical form through our actions/our karmas. These karmas then start attracting true success and abundance in our life,” she added.

“This transformational session will surely serve as a catalyst for you all to know what is the required action on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to create wholeness in all areas of life,” she said.

“Healing is such an important and essential factor of life. Karma healing gives ILA a 3 hour mesmerizing healing and cleansing session which help our members to begin anew, to release their sorrow and sadness and start with a new happiness, forgive other’s mistakes. We are very happy to have karma healing, to give positivity and energy to ILA members,” said Rakshita Yadav, General Secretary.

“Today we had a wonderful session with Mrs. Lakshmi and Mrs. Ginni, certified healing therapists from the institute skita, we are very thankful to them for coming and to give us this wonderful session” said Saloni Saraogi, Literary Secretary.



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