Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Sa’eedi, Minister of Health

Giving details about the proposed lockdown during the festive days, Oman’s Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Sa’eedi said that it is aimed to cut down the number of people who might be infected with coronavirus in the Sultanate.

“There is no scientific estimate about the expected number of infected cases after the lockdown period,” said Dr. Ahmed, yet he expressed optimism that the number of cases will decline.

The Minister of Health, who is also a member of the Supreme Committee tasked with tackling developments resulting from Covid-19 pandemic, added, “We hope that we will not be compelled to extend the lockdown period, and this depends on the outcome of the lockdown.”

Dr. Ahmed reaffirmed that the eradication of the virus cannot be realized without the cooperation of all—government and private sector establishments, society and individuals.

The Minister of Health made the statement during the 13th press conference held by the Supreme Committee since the outbreak of the pandemic.

The Minister of Health confirmed that the health sector in the Sultanate is still intact. He pointed out that the total number of Covid-19 patients admitted at all health establishments stood at 3,638 and that the number of cases admitted at intensive care units (ICUs) since the outbreak of the pandemic reached 645, of these, 169 are still hospitalized.

The minister observed that the number of deaths, compared to positive cases, is still less than 0.08%.

The Minister of Health reiterated that the delay in the results of tests on COVID-19 was caused by the huge pressure being faced by medical laboratories.

He added that no one will be deprived of treatment or hospitalization, if necessary, and that urgent treatment might even be at the cost of other diseases.

Dr. Ahmed al-Sa’eedi also reaffirmed that the Ministry of Health took all necessary steps to get the COVID-19 vaccine, once it becomes available. He pointed out that 140 companies or institutions are working on the development/production of the vaccine and that 4 of those firms are making headway at present.

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