DXBUY, the Dubai-based startup has been launched to connect small businesses with manufacturers and wholesalers through a digital platform and a tech-savvy supply chain.DXBUY’s mobile-first approach is designed to make the everyday buying process faster, smarter, and cheaper for retail buyers.

As UAE’s first B2B e-commerce platform was Co-founded by two experienced entrepreneurs, Rizwan and Adnan Zubairi. The company helps fill the gaps in the supply chain and provides a wide range of products by having multiple vendors and brands on a single platform. Through this, buyers can be assured of getting cost-effective, timely deliveries and could further benefit by reducing their inventories to save on precious real estate space.

The platform leverages data-driven technology to efficiently operate across the high volume, low transaction value categories by optimizing sales and logistics cost. It further supports local manufacturers, wholesalers and brand owners to streamline their operations with greater visibility and insights about their product categories.

“Even in this day of technological advancement, the majority of purchase decisions are impulsive. Our application acts as a convenient marketplace and comparison tool for businesses to make rational decisions while providing visibility on buying patterns to both consumers and vendors,” says Adnan Zubairi, CEO – DXBUY.

Cofounders of DXBUY Rizwan and Adnan Zubairi

“With the progression of technology and changing consumer preferences, B2B buyers fancy a B2C shopping experience for their every-day business purchase needs. With a sleek app, extensive product range and dynamic pricing, we at DXBUY have thus raised the bar in B2B e-commerce,” commented Rizwan Zubairi, COO of DXBUY.

The app has been downloaded by more than 2000 verified businesses during the BETA phase, DXBUY app successfully fulfilled more than 12,000 orders in the first five months. The eCommerce app has since earned the trust of multiple SMBs including groceries, mini-marts, restaurants, cafeterias as well as few laundries, hardware shops, cleaning supply and catering companies.

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