Give a spring-like make over to home

Adorn by flowers and indoor planters for a refresh with spring varieties like cacti, snake plants etc, which will not only add the touch of greenery but helps with the spring cleaning too…writes Puja Gupta.

We are easing into some lifestyle changes which incorporates shedding of winter coats, soaking within the sun and much-needed vacations! Upgrading your home with the aroma of seasonal transition, brighter hues and lots more to welcome Spring.

Here are some affordable spring decor tips to offer your home a fresh makeover. Raghunandan Saraf, Founder and CEO, Saraf Furniture, lists down a few ways to help you spark a touch spring into your home and don’t cost tons of money-if any!

Spring Cleaning- De-Clutter Your Home

“The time for brand spanking new beginnings is in now!”, Spring season is all a few fresh and clean start. The time to refresh your lives, beginning with de-cluttering your home after the dark and cold winter nights, is that the easy and initiative to welcome the season of spring in your home.

As bathrooms and kitchen tends to urge messy. So, collect the clutter that is of no use and people which you don’t want to display. Put them within the Modular clique with spacious racks, cabinets and drawers and within the bathroom, you’ll use cabinets or bathroom mirrors with cabinets to offer a clean look. Similarly, within the front room, make more room for blended furniture pieces with style and functionality like L-shaped sofas, sofa-cum-beds etc. for fuss-free looks. Also, don’t forget to arrange your main bedroom by employing a dresser with storage and an additional spacious and arranged closet for you.

Bring some Home Blooms

‘Welcome spring by buying some lovely fresh flowers. Place them somewhere you’ll walk past often. Fresh flowers smell lovely, are beautiful and are an instant home improvement!’ — Charlie Thomas

Ok, now once you have completed a fast de-cluttering of your home, it’s time to bring spring decor to your home! And it’s nothing without the fresh flowers and greenery. Adorn by flowers and indoor planters for a refresh with spring varieties like cacti, snake plants etc, which will not only add the touch of greenery but helps with the spring cleaning too. This is often the small thing that creates a world of difference and true for spring home styling.

Make Your Bedding Accessories mention Spring

Never underestimate the facility of latest cushion covers, pillow covers, bed sheets and other bedding accessories. Switch out your dark and comfy winter essentials and replace your cushion covers, sofa covers, cushion covers, bedsheets and lots more with bright coloured ones. In prints, you’ll choose blooming spring floral patterns of accessories, which helps you to calm your nerves and ambience too. Adding to the present, there are tons of other bold and playful varieties like geometrical and abstract prints, much easy to form an enormous spring statement to your home. Buy from our inspired bedding to shower your bedroom.

Keep Your Space Airy

Well, you’ll make your home airy and fresh by throwing off the dark-coloured or heavy drapes and curtains then replace them with sheer fabrics or light-coloured windows and door curtains. With this, you’ll choose flowery design and cozy fabric to feel the fresh vibes of spring in your home. Thus, while buying curtains, confirm you select breathable fabric which will create an airy and stylish look. Make a spring ready home by bidding adieu to thick and dark shade drapes.


A gallon of paint is one among the simplest and cost-effective tools to update your range in a replacement way and creatively impact dramatic style. Well, for spring decor, you’ll select the colours which make you happy. Paint your home’s ceiling, accent wall, door or entire room with the Pantone Fashion Trends of Spring 2021. This comprises colours like Illuminating yellow, French blue, Fraxinus pennsylvanica subintegerrima and lots of more. Make your home a Spring Paradise in only a couple of hours!

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