Despite the heavy downpour, scores of people from the Leeds Hindu community joined a Silent Vigil at City Centre to protest against the persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan. The participants appealed to the British government to intervene in the issue

“We want the British parliamentarians to discuss the issue of the human rights of the Hindu, Sikh and Christian minorities in the House of Parliament,” said Kishor Dabhi. “We are requesting the British government to ask Pakistan to stop the rhetoric and take action by apprehending the culprits. Hindu girls and women are under constant threat of kidnapping, conversion and forceful marriages.”

Silent Vigil in Leeds Against Persecution of Minorities in Pakistan

“Instead of making empty promises to stop the victims of the abhorrent blasphemy laws, the fanatics are using the legal loopholes to deny the basic human rights to members of the religious minorities on an everyday basis,” he added.

Over 5000 Hindu, Sikh and Christian minority refugees escape from Pakistan to India every year.

“We would like our MPs to request the Indian Government to provide shelter and support to these helpless and homeless refugees by granting them asylum and permission to set up a home in India,” Mr Dabhi added.



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