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Unlike many other beauty influencers, Gutierrez, also known as Manny Mua on social media, began his influencer career on Instagram and only later expanded to YouTube…reports Olivia Sarkar

Beauty influencers are gaining ground in the social media world. Fans enjoy seeing their posts and videos to learn new make-up, hairstyle, and product tips. Many influencers have launched beauty brands as a result of their online success.

Huda Kattan (Followers: 50M)

Kattan is an Iraqi-American entrepreneur and make-up artist best known for her brand Huda Beauty, which she co-founded with her sisters Mona and Alya. She shares beauty tips and product information on her Instagram page. These products, according to her bio, have not been tested on animals.

Nikkie de Jager (Followers: 15.4M)

The Dutch make-up artist, who announced her transgender identity in January 2020, is one of the most well-known beauty influencers. Her make-up tutorials on YouTube, where she first started posting tutorials, are among the most popular. Her Instagram feed features videos and posts of her experimenting with various looks, make-up tips, and shout-outs to celebrities with whom she has collaborated.

Zoë Sugg (Followers: 9.3M)

Sugg has been an influencer for a little more than a decade, during which time she also launched her own brand, Zoella. The brand’s Instagram account, which has approximately 1.1 million followers, features a variety of posts about make-up, women’s issues, food, and fashion. Sugg’s personal Instagram account is like a diary in which she chronicles her life.

Manny Gutierrez (Followers: 4M)

Unlike many other beauty influencers, Gutierrez, also known as Manny Mua on social media, began his influencer career on Instagram and only later expanded to YouTube. He is one of the most popular male influencers on social media. Gutierrez’s influence in the beauty industry led to him becoming Maybelline’s first male ambassador. On his feed, he shares make-up tips, beauty challenges, and product reviews, but his fans also appreciate his sense of humour. Follow him for his glamorous eye looks and amusing video mash-ups.

Shayla Mitchell (Followers: 2.8M)

Mitchell, a trailblazer for people of colour in the world of beauty influencers, uses her Instagram account to share everything she knows and does in the worlds of beauty, fashion, and make-up. Every beauty post she shares exudes an undeniable sense of glitz. Her longer make-up tutorials are available on YouTube.

Nabela Noor (Followers: 2.2M)

Noor is a Bangladeshi-American who is leading a revolutionary shift in preconceived notions of beauty. Noor’s Instagram account contains both beauty secrets and important messages about her advocacy.

Thuy Le (Followers: 1.8M)

Thuy Le began her career as a beauty influencer on Instagram while working part-time at M.A.C. Cosmetics and freelancing as a make-up artist. As her following grew, the London-based influencer began producing YouTube content.

Kiitan Akinniranye (Followers: 785k)

Kiitan, who was born in Nigeria, is now a beauty, travel, and fashion blogger based in Los Angeles. Her blog was where she first gained recognition as an influencer. Her candid discussions about her hair, skin, and personal fears drew readers in. Kittan quickly established herself as a major figure among beauty influencers. Kiitan’s Instagram account features posts about her make-up routine, hair styling tips, and fashion advice.

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