Sunak discusses Gaza situation with Sisi

Sunak welcomes opening of the Rafah crossing to allow British, other foreign nationals, and injured Palestinians to leave Gaza…reports Asian Lite News

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi spoke on Wednesday to discuss the situation in Gaza and the wider Middle East, Sunak’s office said in a statement following the call.

Sunak’s office said the pair “discussed diplomatic efforts to secure the release of hostages held by Hamas, prevent escalation in the wider Middle East and achieve long-term peace and prosperity for the Palestinian people.”

Sunak also welcomed the opening of the Rafah crossing to allow British and other foreign nationals and injured Palestinians to leave Gaza, his office said.

The prime minister updated El-Sisi on plans for a second UK aid flight to support the work of the Egyptian Red Crescent.

He said ensuring life-saving aid and medical treatment reaches civilians by all available routes is a top priority and the UK stands ready to provide further support.

During the talks, El-Sisi underscored the crucial need for the international community to adopt a decisive stance to push, in earnest, for a ceasefire and for the enforcement of an immediate humanitarian truce, given the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip.

The President confirmed that settling the Palestinian issue requires the implementation of the two-state solution, stressing that military solutions seriously compromise security and stability in the entire region.

President El-Sisi stated that Egypt exerts enormous efforts at both the political path to achieve calm and spare blood as well as at the humanitarian level by leading the coordination and delivery processes of humanitarian assistance and relief to the people in Gaza. British Prime Minister Sunak expressed profound appreciation for Egypt’s role, affirming the United Kingdom’s stance with regard to the vital importance to protect civilians, deliver aid and reach a humanitarian truce.

WHO hails Egypt’s role

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation on Wednesday, welcomed Egypt’s announcement that it would treat 81 injured or sick people from the Gaza Strip in its hospitals.

“The World Health Organization (WHO) welcomes Egypt’s decision to accept 81 injured and sick people from the #Gaza Strip for treatment. WHO has been working to support the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population in planning and establishing a comprehensive triage, stabilization, and medical evacuation system, by providing ongoing training for health care staff. WHO is also working with the Egyptian Red Crescent Society to ensure that psychological trauma support services are available to patients” said the WHO.

The WHO has also called on authorities for accelerated access to humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip.

“WHO calls for urgent, accelerated access for humanitarian aid–including fuel, water, food and medical supplies–into and throughout the Gaza Strip and access for patients to referral services outside Gaza. Ultimately, WHO calls for a humanitarian ceasefire to prevent further loss and suffering,” WHO said in a statement.

The WHO team has also visited the Al-Arish, Sinai Governorate of Egypt and met with the medical staff to ensure the intensive care facilities and training of the medical staff.

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