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Speaking of getting to your destination, there’s nothing that gives you the freedom of travelling and exploring a place quite like a self-drive getaway. And the best way to do that? Car sharing…reports Naveen Gupta

Summer is here, and temperatures are soaring across the country, with the scorching heat being almost unbearable in several places. The torrid weather makes our daily, mundane routines even more boring, making us long for a break.

The impact of mundane life and the need for a getaway

As the popular adage goes, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” Working without proper breaks and at least a few days off from work can have a detrimental effect on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Contrary to misconceptions, taking frequent breaks at regular intervals, both during the workday and dedicated time off from work, can go a long way in ensuring your well-being. Not only does it help you refresh and reset, but it can also make you more productive.

In fact, living a monotonous lifestyle without a proper break and time off from work can impair your ability to perform daily tasks, impact your well-being, and result in frustration. Especially for those who work 9-5 corporate jobs, it often happens that the weekends are when they can truly unwind. This is true irrespective of whether they work from the office or their homes.

Now, what if you were to wake up at a cozy place amid nature and sip your morning brew, taking in gorgeous views? Sounds like an ideal way to start the weekend, doesn’t it? A short weekend getaway comes with several benefits besides being a way to rejuvenate and recharge yourself.

Unlike a week-long or fortnight-long vacation that you plan for months and will almost certainly be heavy on your wallet, a weekend getaway is simple, convenient, and easy to plan. You needn’t spend too much time planning a packed itinerary and saving up every penny. Weekend getaways require minimal planning and are significantly more cost-effective than a full-fledged vacation. All you need to think about is where you’re going, when you want to go, and how to get to your destination.

The transport factor.

Speaking of getting to your destination, there’s nothing that gives you the freedom of travelling and exploring a place quite like a self-drive getaway. And the best way to do that? Car sharing.

So, what do we mean by car sharing? No, we aren’t talking about hailing a cab and sharing the vehicle with other passengers. We mean any car you choose and will be yours for the duration of your getaway for a reasonable fee but without any added costs like insurance premiums or maintenance costs. Yes, leasing a car might be the ideal way to go when you’re going on a weekend trip. But why? Before we delve into the benefits of leasing a car, here are some places you can visit to enjoy a leisurely weekend.

Theog, Himachal Pradesh

Located around 30km from Himachal’s capital city of Shimla, Theog is a quaint town engulfed in nature. It’s the perfect destination to reconnect with nature and get lost in its tranquility. A quiet escape on the borders of the Himalayas, Theog is a gem that is well-connected to the rest of Himachal via road, specifically National Highway 5 and National Highway 705. You can drive to the destination to enjoy the locals’ annual Summer Festival with plenty of delicacies and pahadi folk music.

Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

Nestled in the hills of the Western Ghats, Yercaud exudes a magical charm. With panoramic views, breathtaking roads, majestic waterfalls, and pristine lakes, this hill station in Tamil Nadu is a must-visit, especially during summer, as the weather is pleasant. Yercaud also has remarkable trails for hiking, cosy cottages, and plenty of coffee plantations, making for a refreshing getaway.

Ponmudi, Kerala

Surrounded by misty slopes, wild mountain flowers, and breathtaking valleys, Ponmudi is one of the best places for a weekend trip, especially if you wish to be away from the bustle of the cities. This exotic destination has everything that can rejuvenate your soul – from picturesque hills to mighty rivers, magnificent waterfalls, and incredible wildlife. While you’re here, make sure to visit the treehouse tower!

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

A trip to Rishikesh can be anything you want it to be. While it’s true that it’s often considered a spiritual destination, this town has much to offer. From views of the Ganges to majestic mountain ranges, yoga ashrams, and cafes where you can simply unwind, Rishikesh is a place that’s sure to captivate any traveller. The town is also easy to reach by road, being well-connected and just 12km from Dehradun.

Once you’ve picked a destination, it’s time to think about the transport. And as mentioned earlier, car sharing is the way to go.

Convenience, safety, and affordability

Car sharing has become a game-changer for people worldwide, and the concept has gained traction in India as well.

Given the convenience, seamlessness, and cost-effectiveness of leasing a car, an increasing number of people are taking this route. Car-sharing platforms like Zoomcar also offer a plethora of vehicle options to suit every budget and requirement, and top-notch safety, making them a preferred choice.

Further, car-sharing platforms also leverage cutting-edge technology, offering 24×7 customer support, GPS tracking, keyless entry systems, maintenance checks, and contactless pickups and drop-offs. This makes the end-to-end experience safe and seamless. Car sharing also has the potential to reduce the number of private vehicles, benefitting the environment and our health

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