‘Gaza In Our Hearts’ Ramadan Campaign Launched

Dubai Cares’ Ramadan campaign recognises the increasingly depleting supply of necessities needed by the people of Gaza, as well as the heightened sentiment of compassion among the UAE community….reports Asian Lite News

Dubai Cares, a civil society organisation formally associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications, has launched “Gaza In Our Hearts”, a Ramadan fundraising campaign that mobilises the UAE community to raise vital funds for the provision of the emergency relief for the people of Gaza.

The campaign recognises the increasingly depleting supply of necessities needed by the people of Gaza, as well as the heightened sentiment of compassion among the UAE community, and a shared desire to extend more support.

Building upon the ongoing success of the UAE’s “Tarahum for Gaza” initiative, the campaign will raise funds for concrete emergency support, with all donations going towards the delivery of hot meals, food baskets, as well as waterproof and fire-resistant tents.

To ensure the prompt and efficient supply of this emergency relief, Dubai Cares has entered into a strategic partnership with its longstanding partner, Anera (American Near East Refugee Aid). As the implementing partner, Anera will work closely with UN, diplomatic and non-governmental organisation partners to open aid corridors to enable it to urgently deliver life-saving aid.

Speaking about the significance of the campaign, Dr. Tariq Al Gurg, Chief Executive Officer and Vice-Chairman of Dubai Cares, said: “The UAE’s response to the war in Gaza was immediate, with the entire country, including the UAE government, charitable and philanthropic organisations, businesses, and the wider community, joining efforts to provide life-saving aid. With the conflict entering its sixth month, access to food and shelter has become critically low, leaving many Gazans facing severe food insecurity reaching catastrophic levels.

Through the ‘Gaza In Our Hearts’ campaign, we are providing members of the community the opportunity to unite and respond to this urgent need with a sense of responsibility and empowerment. We hope that through this campaign and our strategic partnership with Anera, we will not only alleviate hunger and suffering, but also nurture hope, resilience, and dignity.”

Members of the community can directly contribute to this campaign by:

Donating via SMS by texting the word “donation” to 9030, 9090, 9300, 9600 and 9900 to donate AED 30, AED 90, AED 300, AED 600 or AED 900 respectively through Etisalat by e& and du

Making online donations at www.dubaicares.ae

Launching their own campaign on the Dubai Cares crowdfunding platform: https://fundraising.dubaicares.ae/

Making a direct financial donation through bank deposit to Dubai Cares’ account or with a cheque addressed to Dubai Cares

Sean C. Carroll, President and CEO of Anera said: “At this crucial time, going into the holy month of Ramadan, we know people are looking to meet critical humanitarian needs and have a positive impact in Gaza. With support from the people of the UAE, through our strategic partnership with Dubai Cares, and our on-the-ground capacity in Gaza, Anera will ensure that all donations go to where they are needed most.

Since October 7, Anera has delivered nearly 20 million meals in Gaza, and with your support we will deliver at least 5 million more during Ramadan. We will not stop there; we will keep working to meet emergency needs and eventually witness recovery and reconstruction.”

Gaza Faces Imminent Famine

 A senior aid official of a UN body has warned that a quarter of the population of the war-trodden Gaza is one step away from an imminent famine.

According to reports available from the United Nations’ aid agencies in Gaza, Rajesh Rajasingham, director of coordination for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, has informed the UN Security Council on the danger awaiting the strip in the days to come.

The senior UN aid official has informed the Security Council that nearly, 5,76,000 people in the Gaza Strip are facing hunger and famine. He has also warned that widespread famine could be almost inevitable if proper action was not taken.

He said that one in six children under 2 years of age in northern Gaza is suffering from acute malnutrition. The official added that all the 2.3 million people in the Palestinian enclave rely on “woefully inadequate” food aid to survive.

The World Food Programme (WFP) Deputy Executive Director, Carl Skau, told the 15-member council that it was ready to swiftly expand and scale-up the operations if there is a ceasefire agreement.

The WFP official has also informed that the risk of famine was being fueled by the inability to bring critical food supplies into Gaza in sufficient quantities.

The UN official has also said that the operating conditions faced by the WFP staff on the ground was on almost impossible conditions.

Meanwhile, UN officials said that 75 ton of freight, 10 ambulances, food rations, 300 family tents, etc, had arrived in el-Arish airport in Egypt, near the Rafah crossing to Gaza.


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