UAE supports electric vehicle engineers of the future

A delegation from the Ministry will attend the Race Finals to meet the students participating and present the winning team with their trophy…reports Asian Lite News

The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure has announced its collaboration with Dubai-based motorsports and automotive events agency Pole Position to become the strategic partner of the UAE Greenpower STEM Education Programme in which teams of students build an electric car and race against other schools to determine who can build the most energy efficient electric vehicle.

On 20th March, students and teachers from GEMS Winchester School, who are participating in the programme, had the opportunity to visit the Ministry and talk about their experience of Greenpower with Sharif Salim Al Olama, Undersecretary for Energy and Petroleum Affairs.

The students described the benefits of working on the Greenpower Programme, how it has helped raise their awareness of sustainability issues and their excitement for the upcoming Race Finals in May 2024.

Representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure had previously visited GEMS Winchester School back in November 2023 to observe students building their Greenpower car and were so impressed with the initiative that they have since agreed to support the programme and help expand it into schools across the UAE.

A delegation from the Ministry will attend the Race Finals to meet the students participating and present the winning team with their trophy.

The programme, backed by the Greenpower Education Trust in the UK, was launched in the UAE in 2023 and since September, 10 teams of students aged 11-16 from GEMS Schools have been building their Greenpower cars and designing the bodywork to maximise aerodynamic efficiency and minimise weight, as well as sourcing sustainable materials for construction. They are now making their finishing touches to their cars, ready to race them in May.

The Greenpower Race Finals involve two 60-minute races where the winners will be the teams whose cars travel the furthest distance over time. The event will culminate in a prizegiving ceremony during which First, Second and Third Place trophies will be presented and awards for the Most Sustainable Team and the Best Team Spirit.

The Greenpower Programme enables students worldwide to learn about science, engineering, and the environment, gain real-world experience, and discover the power of teamwork by building and racing an electric car. Greenpower also encourages girls to enter engineering careers, with on average 40% of those taking part in the programme each year being female.

Al Olama said, “Empowering the next generations of innovators and sustainability champions is our priority. The Greenpower Programme is a shining example of an initiative that helps empower youngsters to become part of the solution to global challenges. We encourage more schools to participate in the programme and open the door for their students to embrace innovative thinking. We are confident the Race Finals will be full of excitement and wish all competitors the best of luck.”

“We are grateful that the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure has given its support to the Greenpower Programme in the UAE, and we look forward to working with them to further promote this initiative across schools throughout the UAE,” said Ryan Trutch, Founder and CEO of Pole Position.

He added, “This Programme, which attracts 10,000 students worldwide each year, has already created huge enthusiasm amongst the students taking part, helping to encourage them to look at engineering careers in electric vehicle and motorsports industry, and we look forward to seeing their cars in action at the Race Finals.”

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