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Meera realizes the need to ‘be and feel healthy’

Yoga has worked wonders for me, hence I would recommend everyone to include yoga in their daily routine."…Meera speaks with Siddhi Jain.

Malaika shares her ‘herculean task’ of Covid recovery

I felt disappointed that my body wasn't supporting how my mind felt. I was afraid that I'd never gain back my...

Cardinal rules to help your fitness expedition

The first step before getting into a fitness routine is to understand what your aim is. Whether it is to lose...

Any time doable breathing exercises

There are several other benefits to these exercises as well! It also helps us stay calmer, and de-stress especially in these...

‘Fitness Habits: Breaking The Barriers To Fitness’

Most people fail not because they don't have a goal, but they don't have an action plan that determines their progress…...

Key pointers to achieve your weight goal

The first step for fitness is simple, say no to sugar...writes Ishi Khosla New years are rich with...