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In this Jammu village, the dead live on in the trees

"Shastron mei likha hai" (it is written in the scriptures) and "punya ka kaam" (it is virtuous work) are two phrases repeated...

Akshay gifts 1cr for school building construction in Kashmir

"Akshay Kumar has donated Rs 1 crore for the construction of the school building in Neeru village of Tulail...reports Asian Lite...

Pakistan concerned over more demographic changes in Kashmir

Pakistan had banked its relations with India over the August 5, 2019 decision by the Narendra Modi-led government, which abrogated Article 370...

UNGA President should be a neutral entity

By suggesting to the Pakistan government to ‘work harder to raise the issue (of Kashmir) internationally, and specifically to bring it to...

CEASEFIRE VIOLATIONS: Generals, Imran trying to hoodwink the world

While objecting to India’s right to change its Kashmir status, Pakistan asserts such a right in the Kashmir territories it...