Mr. Satyabrata Das, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Gulf Oil Middle East, with Mr. Ajit Kumar, Chief Operating Officer of Commercial, Al Naboodah Group Enterprises (ANGE).

Hinudja Group’s Gulf Oil Middle East Ltd (GOMEL) announced a strategic partnership with Al Naboodah Group Enterprises (ANGE) to distribute its entire range of automotive and industrial lubricants in the UAE, in both B2B and B2C market segments … reports Asian Lite News.

Mr. Satyabrata Das, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Gulf Oil Middle East, with Mr. Ajit Kumar, Chief Operating Officer of Commercial, Al Naboodah Group Enterprises (ANGE). (Supplied Photo)

Gulf Oil, a part of Hinduja Group and a wholly owned subsidiary of Gulf Oil International Ltd (GOI), is an iconic global brand with presence in more than 110 countries, producing and marketing a comprehensive range of high quality automotive and industrial lubricants, greases and specialty chemicals. ANGE is among the most well-respected family-owned companies in the UAE, employing over 16,000 people and 47 nationalities.

“We are proud to announce the partnership with the Naboodah group,” said Mr. Satyabrata Das, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Gulf Oil Middle East. “This will help us strengthen our foothold and enhance our position for long-term, sustainable growth in this strategic market of UAE with our comprehensive portfolio of automotive and industrial lubricants. This partnership is expected to provide greater benefits to our customers, through the unique combination of value addition by both the companies.”

“This year marks our 60th anniversary of legacy building in the UAE, contributing to developing the country’s physical and socio-economic landscape and keeping diversification, innovation and sustainability at the forefront of everything we do,” said Mr. Ajit Kumar, Chief Operating Officer of Commercial. “As a local family business, ANGE is committed to preserving the UAE’s heritage and working to deliver economic and cultural solutions to support the continual and sustainable growth of the nation.”

“Gulf Oil Middle East has earned a reputation for high quality products and services, and ANGE is known for delivery of world-class services and products exceeding the expectations of its clients. The agreement will enable Gulf Oil to increase its market share in the UAE and help to further consolidate in the regional market. We work closely with our customers in all business segments to ensure maximum benefit through our differentiated products and services,” he added.

“This agreement will strengthen the distribution network and improve the visibility of Gulf brand in the UAE,” added Mr Das. “Our products are manufactured and tested to meet stringent international quality standards. We will continue to look for new ways to innovate and enhance our product range and ensure maximum consumer satisfaction.”

The new business tie up will also streamline and promote some of the corporate service responsibility initiative of both the organisations.

Gulf Oil Strikes Deal with Al Naboodah to Expand Network. (Supplied Photo)

“Community initiatives will improve with this partnership and we will look to serve the community in a much stronger and visible manner,” Mr Das told Asian Lite.

“We associate with several community based activities and we have a specialised department for that,” added Mr Kumar. “This ensures that our business is completely in sync with the needs of the society. We will be working towards reducing pollution, the oil change intervals have increased and the oil drain intervals have come down, this ensures lower environmental pollution by lower consumption of oil.”

Al Naboodah group is also supporting various ongoing initiatives in the Emirate.

“We are supporting Emiratisation by employing more of Emiratis and also providing internships and apprenticeships to help the local students,” said Mr Kumar. “We are also passionate about being involved with public transports, we conduct safety templates all throughout the year in association with various government organisations such as Dubai Police and Dubai Municipality. We conduct such activities all throughout the year, not necessarily connected with the business, but with a passion to help the community.”

Gulf Oil engages in the manufacture and marketing of lubricating oils, greases, brake fluids, coolants and other products for automotive, retail and industrial applications. The company offers lubricants and greases for motorist, leisure marine, commercial road transport, off highway and construction, agriculture and forestry, regional marine and various industrial applications. Gulf Oil has a comprehensive Research and Development team with state-of-the-art capabilities taking care of current and future market trends and OEM requirements.

ANGE is renowned for the delivery of world-class projects and services, leading the field in distribution and logistics within demanding schedules and are pioneers in the distribution of high-quality products and services covering a spectrum of industries across the Middle East.



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