As one of the largest oil importers of in the world Japan again imported 25.182 mmbbl of crude in April 2020, from the United Arab Emirates as per the data released by the Agency of Energy and Natural Resource in Tokyo showed.

This accounts for 30.4 pct of Japan’s total crude imports, the agency that belongs to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, said.

Saudi Arabia provided 30.061 million barrels, or 36.3 pct of the total, while Kuwait provided 9.571 million barrels or 11.6 pct. In the fiscal year 2019, Japan’s largest crude oil importer was Saudi Arabia.

Arab oil accounted for 75.030 or 90.6 pct, of Japan’s petroleum needs in April.

Saudi Aramco

Since the nation has no fossil fuels as owned, it heavily import-dependent for all kinds of fossil fuels. Japan’s total crude oil imports in that month amounted to 82.828 million barrels, the agency said.

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