A Fusion of Art and Tradition

There are artisans coming from 22 states, including 65 national and state awardees and there will be 45 demonstrations…reports Asian Lite News

As Dastkari Haat Samiti enters its 38th year of dedicated work towards the preservation of India’s crafts heritage and sustaining the livelihoods of crafts people. It offers a new theme to the public at Dastkari Haat Samiti’s annual crafts bazaar at Dilli Haat this year from 1 st -15 th January, 2024.

Dastkari Haat Samiti has conducted over 150 bazaars over the years, created major interventions like conceptualising Dilli Haat and working for its continued service as a market for craftspeople. It has reintroduced calligraphy into crafts and created major online documentation of 52 crafts all over India for the Google Arts & Culture platform. Its’ artistic crafts maps of all the states of India are iconic as are its many publications on crafts practices and projects. A special feature at its Dilli Haat annual bazaar has been craft exchange workshops with Craftspeople from abroad. This has not been possible due to Covid uncertainties and travel restrictions.

To greet you,  170 stalls with a large range of weaves, hand block prints, embroideries, Lehariya, crafts in grass, bamboo, metal, wood and other plant material, leheriya, Jewellery, stationery, ceramic and terracotta, and traditional art from tribal Gond to Kalighat, Phads, Pattachitra. Brass from Orissa, West Bengal, Terracotta from Rajasthan, Ceramic from UP, Maharashtra and Delhi, Block Prints from AP and Rajasthan, Ikat from AP, Ajrak Printing from Gujarat, Weaving from UP and Gujarat,

There are artisans coming from 22 states, including 65 national and state awardees and there will be 45 demonstrations.

Some unique crafts from different states are:

Leaf Printing on textiles from Gujarat, Lehariya from Rajasthan, Jute products from Maharashtra, Cane and bamboo from Assam, Handcrafted mura from West Bengal, Bamboo leaf from Madhya Pradesh, Mud work and mirror from Gujarat, Leather work from Gujarat, Recycled products from Delhi, fine Soof embroidery from Kutch, Natural grass baskets from Orissa, Sholapith Flowers from West Bengal, Dry flower from Jharkhand and Phad painting, Rajasthan. The annual bazaar will also showcase stationery made of handmade paper in the most organic of raw materials including Elephant Poo from Jaipur.

While visiting the annual crafts bazaar be on the look out for these skills creating art including Sanjhi Craft from Uttar Pradesh, Terracotta from Rajasthan and Delhi, Madhubani Painting from Bihar, Pattachitra Painting from Orissa, and West Bengal, Gond Painting from Madhya Pradesh Miniature Painting from Rajasthan, Glass objects and jewellery from Firozabad, Pichwai painting from Rajasthan, Worli painting from Maharashtra and Basket making from Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh.

Dastkari Haat Craft Bazar at Dilli Haat is known for its vivacious selection of cultural performances. This time you can find Rajasthani’s folk music and Kalbelia dance from Barmer, Rajasthan and Chaau Dancers, group of Bhiwani Kalindi from West Bengal. First time ever workshop combining concepts of Graphic Design with Traditional Art Forms is being conducted. This collaborative workshop will seamlessly intertwine the artistic finesse of graphic design with the skilled craftsmanship of artisans, fostering a dynamic synergy where structured creativity meets hands-on expertise. Participating craftspeople will delve into the world of visual storytelling, while also immersing themselves in practical techniques. The aim is to create a unique fusion of contemporary visual design pedagogy with tangible craftsmanship. This experiment is conceptualized and will be conducted by Dr. Dimple Bahl in collaboration with Dastkari Haat Samiti

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