Shock in Nepal as Students Die in Hamas Attack

It was a few months back when Soman had sent Aanand to Israel for ten months under the “Learn and Earn” scheme for the practical of BSc Agriculture….reports Asian Lite News

Family members of Aanand Sah, one of the Nepalese students killed by Hamas terrorists in Israel are shocked and grief-stricken.

His mother Shivakali Devi lost her conscience after losing her 22-year-old son who was the only bread earner of the family.

Aanand Sah’s father Soman Sah breaks down whenever flashbacks of his son run on his mind not knowing what to do next. It was a few months back when Soman had sent Aanand to Israel for ten months under the “Learn and Earn” scheme for the practical of BSc Agriculture.

Soman Sah said, “He went to Israel for further studies. He was outstanding amongst the students who were on the fray, out of more than 100 students only 50 were selected through interviews. There were no charges for application, visa and flight fare, only the personal expenses need to be incurred by us. I took the loan of 300 thousand and then sent him. I am just a farmer and have mortgaged the lands for it.”

According to the family members, Aanand since his early childhood had a keen interest in agriculture and was on his way to making a career in the same field. Upon getting selected for the scheme to go to Israel for practical he had planned to return back and start working in the field of agriculture, Soman recalled.

“Papa I want to go Israel for technical education, Israel is one of the best places in the world for agriculture and I will learn more technical knowledge and can use it in Nepal later but now he is gone,” Soman broke down as he recalled the conversation with his son.

The Sudur Paschim University where Aanand was studying on full scholarship, had sent 50 students to Israel for ten months practical and was killed in an ongoing terrorist attack by the Hamas terrorist group which started Saturday. The family of Aanand is still unaware of the circumstances under which he lost his life as the authorities are yet to contact the family.

Soman Sah said, “There has been no contact from anyone from the Nepalese authorities, neither there has been communication from the college where he was studying in Israel.”

“We came to know about it through the news, ‘bauwa’ friend informed us after seeing it on the news and messaged us on the phone that he is gone,” said the father calling his son with the pet name “Bauwa” meaning lovely son.

As per the family, Aanand wasn’t able to attend the classes in Israel because he needed to deposit a fee of USD 5088 to enroll in the class starting on October 12, 2023. In order to support the family and reduce pressure on the family, Aanand has started working on a farm. The family doesn’t have any details about the farm where he was working or the university where he was supposed to enroll.

Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has yet to contact the families of the 10 deceased students nor has any state mechanism offered condolence to the families.

Nepal’s government has called on its citizens residing in Israel to register themselves online as it plans to repatriate them. The Israeli Police confirmed the deaths of the 10 Nepal students. The toll is expected to go up as some of the injured are in serious condition and there are others who are yet to be contacted.

The Embassy of Nepal issued a notice, calling on distressed Nepal citizens to register themselves as operations at the Tel Aviv-based airport are proceeding without disruption enabling passage of flights, Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a press release.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a late-night release issued on Sunday stated, “We have requested the Israeli government to promptly identify and arrange for repatriation of the deceased Nepal nationals, as well as to ensure the rescue and appropriate medical treatment for the injured.”

To make the process smoother, online registration is being prepared in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Nepal Embassy in Tel Aviv and the Israel government. “This registration will collect crucial details from Nepalese citizens wishing to return to Nepal from Israel,” the statement added.

As the fighting enters the third day, about 10 Nepalese students have been killed who were in Israel under the ‘Learn and Earn’ program supported by the Israeli government. The deceased- students from Sudur Paschim University of Nepal fell victim to an attack by Hamas, according to the official statement. (ANI)

Candlelight Vigil Held

Dozens of students held a candlelight vigil on the premises of Patan Durbar Square here commemorating the 10 Nepali students killed by Hamas in Israel.

The members of the Nepal Student Union observed a minute of silence on Monday evening and lit candles while they stood in line holding banners and placards that read “Heartfelt condolence” and “Pray for World Peace” and called for prompt rescue of remaining Nepali citizens trapped in Israel.

The 10 Nepali students who were flown to Israel under the “Learn and Earn” scheme of the Israeli Government fell victim to the attack of the Hamas terror group. The Nepal Embassy in Tel Aviv late on Sunday evening confirmed the death of Nepali citizens as well as stated some were in critical condition and some were missing.

“Today we are gathered here to commemorate the fallen 10 Nepali agriculture students who lost their lives in the ongoing fight between Israel and Hamas, they (Nepali students) were in Israel for an Internship and have been killed. The whole nation is now mourning and is in complete shock,” Dipendra Regmi, one of the participants of the vigil ceremony told ANI.

According to the Foreign Minister of Nepal, there are about 4,500 Nepali working as caregivers in Israel whereas 265 additional Nepali students are in Israel participating in the learning and earning programmes, sponsored by the Israeli government.

During Sunday’s address at the parliament, Foreign Minister NP Saud stated that 119 students from Agriculture and Forestry University, 97 from Tribhuvan University, and 49 from Far-Western University were flown to Israel lately.

Notably, 17 of the 49 students from Sudur Paschim University were studying in Kibbutz Alumim, located in southern Israel close to border areas with Gaza. The Foreign Minister in his address had mentioned 10 students to be out of contact who by late evening were confirmed dead.

In addition, the Foreign Minister also stated that 4 of the 17 students from Sudur Paschim University have sustained injuries and are currently receiving medical treatment at a local hospital. (ANI)

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