Stop this horror, says UNICEF chief  

The United Nations and the Red Cross also voiced alarm, demanding that thousands of patients and civilians there be protected…reports Asian Lite News

The head of the UN children’s agency decried Wednesday the “devastating” scenes she witnessed during a visit to war-ravaged Gaza, urging the parties to the conflict to “stop this horror.”

“What I saw and heard was devastating. They have endured repeated bombardment, loss and displacement. Inside the Strip, there is nowhere safe for Gaza’s one million children to turn,” UNICEF chief Catherine Russell said in a statement after visiting among other things a hospital in the south of the Palestinian territory.

The United Nations and the Red Cross also voiced alarm, demanding that thousands of patients and civilians there be protected.

“I’m appalled by reports of military raids in Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza,” UN humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths said on X, formerly Twitter.

“The protection of newborns, patients, medical staff and all civilians must override all other concerns,” he said.

“Hospitals are not battlegrounds.”

World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus agreed.

“Reports of military incursion into Al-Shifa hospital are deeply concerning,” he wrote on X, warning that the UN health agency had “lost touch again with health personnel at the hospital.”

“We’re extremely worried for their and their patients’ safety.”

The International Committee of the Red Cross said in a statement that it was “extremely concerned about the impact on sick and wounded people, medical staff, and civilians.”

“All measures to avoid any consequences on them must be taken,” it said, insisting that “patients, medical staff, and civilians must be at all times protected.”

The ICRC added that it was “in contact with all concerned authorities and we continue to closely monitor the situation.”

Israel vowed to crush Hamas after the Palestinian militant group launched unprecedented cross-border attacks that Israel says left 1,200 people dead with another 239 taken hostage.

The Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza says Israel’s ensuing air and ground offensive have killed 11,320 people, mostly civilians, including thousands of children.

Al-Shifa is a key target in Israel’s campaign. The United Nations has said it estimates that at least 2,300 people — patients, staff and displaced civilians — are inside and may be unable to escape because of fierce fighting.

Witnesses have described horrific conditions inside the hospital, with medical procedures taking place without anesthetic, families with scant food or water living in corridors and the stench of decomposing corpses filling the air.

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