Indian Embassy Celebrates Sanskritotsava in Riyadh

Ambassador Suhel Ajaz Khan, in his opening address, underscored the profound cultural significance of Sanskrit…reports Asian Lite News

The Embassy of India in Riyadh hosted a unique and culturally significant event titled “Samskritotsava” on November 5 as part of “Pravasi Parichay,” celebrating the timeless elegance of the Sanskrit language and acknowledging the efforts of the Indian community in preserving this linguistic treasure in Saudi Arabia.

The event was a one-of-a-kind occasion, conducted entirely in Sanskrit, paying homage to the language that embodies India’s ancient wisdom, civilization, history, and traditions. The Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia proudly announced this distinctive celebration, a collaboration with Samskrita Bharati, to promote and honor the rich heritage of Sanskrit.

Ambassador Suhel Ajaz Khan, in his opening address, underscored the profound cultural significance of Sanskrit. He emphasized its revered status worldwide as a sacred and spiritual language and highlighted the event’s potential to inspire others to learn and practice Sanskrit.

The “Samskritotsava” featured a variety of performances by the Indian community in Saudi Arabia, all eloquently presented in Sanskrit. The program included Abhinaya Gheetam, Gana Geetam, Subhashita Natakam, Prachanna Vesham, and more, offering a captivating glimpse into the versatility and cultural richness of the language.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a fervent supporter of ancient Indian languages, including Sanskrit, recently emphasized the importance of this language. He described Sanskrit as not only a repository of traditions but also as a language that defines India’s progress and identity. During his address at Tulsi Peeth in Madhya Pradesh’s Chitrakoot on October 27, PM Modi stressed that Sanskrit has been the mother of several languages and has stood the test of time, remaining untainted by the passage of centuries.

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