SPECIAL: ‘Disability is not inability’

Kashmir’s visually impaired Artist Nisar Ahmad says disability is not inability. Hailing from Gundpora Rampora village of North Kashmir’s Bandipora District, Nisar Ahmad despite having visually impaired, his visual impairment never let slow him down

Although a person considers it a misfortune and tribulation for him to be visually impaired by nature and does not consider his world as bigger than a black room, for this person, there is no place for misfortune in fulfilling his dreams.

Hailing from Gundpora Rampora village of North Kashmir’s Bandipora District, Nisar Ahmad despite having been visually impaired, his visual impairment never let slow him down.

Nisar Ahmad

Nisar started his early education from Govt. Middle school in his native village with students who were able to see the colourful world but Nisar tells going to school despite having a disability was not a barrier for him because it was all about the confidence and encouragement he kept with him.

Nisar explains trying to get things in life isn’t entirely about learning. They’re about confidence.

“When I was a child and got a mature sense of having a visual impairment, I remember being in tears about how to get home by myself. So today I try to answer all the thousands of questions that may stop people from dipping a toe in. We allow people to put their trust in others and ask for help.”

Nisar says, when I was in matriculation, my sister would record my study material in a tape recorder and later I would listen to it and remember to go on exams and make it. This was the routine that I completed my studies till graduation.

Because of my sight, I could quite easily stay inside because things are too difficult for me but “My parents and teachers were always so supportive.” he says. “It was very much normal life, get on with it.”

My teachers maintained my notebooks so that I may not feel my disability. Getting help from classmates was always a great feeling as well. I felt it as a great sense of achievement, a massive buzz.”

Nisar is also having a music and singing sensation and visual impairment did not stop him from embarking on music having realised that he can make the best out of his singing talent which he had from a very young age. When you ask him how he does music when he is visually impaired, his adage is disability is not inability.

“The way I do music is normal like any other artist because losing some parts of the body can’t be a problem as long as you have the brain to think and the heart to do something right,”

“It does not take any other effort. With help and support, I am able to make the best out of my talent with discipline to make sure that what I am doing makes sense. That is how I am going about it,” he said.

What hurts Nisar most is that he can’t see his parents with his own eyes. That remains his biggest wish in life though it seems impossible. However, he is confident there is a better future despite his visual impairment.

He urged persons with disabilities to make the best of their talents because disability is not inability.

“I am sure, despite disability, we still have the brain and confidence to achieve big things. I encourage fellow persons with disabilities to be focused and use their brains and confidence to show what they are capable of and I believe there is hope for a better future if they don’t give up. Focus on your aim then everything will be alright,” he said.

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