Piya Pawani Dazzles in Traditional Saree at MFW Istanbul

Modest Fashion Week was successful in bringing the fashion industry from various parts of the world under one roof in the picturesque Istanbul, reports VINOD RAGHAVAN

Noted Model, Actor and Trainer Piya Pawani added one more feather in her illustrious cap by successfully attending the Ninth edition of the Modest Fashion Week held recently in the picturesque Istanbul, Turkey.

Under the theme of “A Unique Fashion Call for Solidarity”, Istanbul Modest Fashion Week 2024 brought together designers, brands, influencers, industry leaders, retailers, media professionals, and fashion enthusiasts from all over the world to celebrate the artistry of modest fashion. The event, served as a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and inspiration, fostering connections that transcend borders and boundaries.

Amongst the lots, Piya, a highly professional model, played a major role of fostering connections between artists and their designs, bringing the cultural and social ties between Oman and Turkey at the three-day fashion event. She was fully endorsed by the Turkish Ambassador in Oman, Muhammet Heksmoglu and Turkish Airlines supported and took care of her travel to the beautiful country.  

The Modest Fashion Week, theme was based on modest dressing, keeping it in mind the cultural and religious barriers, Piya decked very well with the traditional Indian Saree at one of her presentation. The 6-yard fine fabric was well carried by the seasoned model and was accepted by the selected crowd mostly from the fashion, clothing and designing industry present came from various parts of the world in Istanbul.

Piya, had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with celebrated models and fashion designers from various parts of the world including American modest Fashion icon Model Halima Aden and Rawdah Mohammed. Halima Aden walked for the Indonesian brand Buttonscarves, in a unique off-white piece, and the Turkish modest swimwear brand Marina, wearing a blue printed burkini with a kimono. While, Rawdah Mohamed, on the other hand, walked for the Turkish label Imannoor, in a silk piece with contrasting colors.

Piya, who has a high sense of modern trends laced with traditions of Oman and India, is vary particular about her costumes, which are designed by her trusted designer and a well-known name in the Middle East Faiza Al Balushi.

Being a professional model and trainer, this was her second consecutive year attending the Modest Fashion week, last year she attended the event held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Modest Fashion Weeks event series was born in Istanbul in 2016 with a vision to “democratize the fashion industry”. Since 2016, MFW’s traveling concept has brought them to various destinations around the world including London, Dubai, Amsterdam, Jakarta, Riyadh, and Istanbul in different editions.

With its hybrid concept, Modest Fashion Weeks offers special runway experiences, networking and brand booths, and inspiring talk show sessions. Modest Fashion Weeks has positioned itself as a strong asset for long-term business relationships by being the bridge between leading industry players and like-minded professionals.

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