‘Voters aware of PM’s deception’

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra says Modi has become “nervous” after the first phase of polling for the Lok Sabha polls…reports Asian Lite News

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said that the public is now aware of the Prime Minister and his cabinet ministers who are habitual of “lying and deceiving”.

“Modi ji and his ministers understand that the mood of the public has changed. The public has become aware of their habit of lying and deceiving. That is why now the public wants ‘truth’,” Priyanka said while addressing a public meeting in Maharashtra’s Latur.

She further criticised the Prime Minister for slashing the prices of gas cylinders ahead of the parliamentary elections.

“Today, you (women) have no respite from inflation. You guys used to pay Rs 1,100-1,200 for a gas cylinder and as the elections got closer, Modi suddenly said it would cost Rs 400. Have you ever thought, why they reduced prices only during election time and not before that? Why didn’t they reduce the price until now?” she asked.

The Congress leader also took a dig at the Mahayuti government in Maharashtra, calling it a “60 per cent government.”

“There is a 60 per cent government in Maharashtra. That means a 60 per cent bribe on everything. Wherever there is a BJP government, corruption is spread everywhere. Modi ji says I am fighting against corruption alone. Then why did Modi ji launch the electoral bond scheme?” she said.

Priyanka also claimed that Modi has become “nervous” after the first phase of polling for the Lok Sabha polls.

“Before the first phase of elections, Modiji’s leaders were saying that if we cross 400, we will change the Constitution. Then, as soon as the first phase of elections was over, Modi ji got nervous and started saying that we will not change the Constitution. But if they get a chance again, they will change the Constitution and weaken democracy,” she said.

Siddaramaiah slams PM

Earlier, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi just “stirs up emotions” and refrains from discussing inflation or unemployment.

While addressing a public meeting, Siddaramaiah said, “Narendra Modi has not worked for the poor, youth, Dalit and minorities for ten years as Prime Minister. Prime Minister does not discuss the price hike, unemployment, or farmers’ organizations. Modi just stirs up emotions, sets fire among religions and castes without telling the government’s achievements. After looking at his recent speeches, it can be said that Modi is under stress that BJP will not get the votes he expected in the first phase of the election and hence he is bringing up unrelated issues.”

The Chief Minister also criticised the Prime Minister for allegedly speaking against the reservation given to Muslims alleging that the latter is “speaking against the Consitution.”

“Articles 15 and 16 of the Constitution clearly state that reservation should be given to the socially and educationally backward. It includes Hindus and Muslims, Christians. It cannot be said that reservations cannot be given to Muslims. He is speaking against the Constitution. It is unbecoming to the prime minister to allege that their reservation will be taken away from the Hindus and given to the Muslims. Havanur Commission for Minorities in 1977 has recommended to give reservation. The Chinnappa Reddy Commission has also recommended the same. In 2004, reservation for Muslims in Karnataka was introduced under 2B. 4 per cent reservation was started. Since 1994 till now reservation has remained like that. Basavaraja Bommai removed the 4 per cent reservation for Muslims when he was the Chief Minister. Muslim leaders have filed a petition in the Supreme Court against it, the BJP has filed an affidavit and written a cover letter saying that they will continue the status quo,” he said.

Siddaramaiah further accused the Prime Minister of lying and alleged that PM has been indulging in “attempts to polarise.”

“Surprisingly, Narendra Modi is speaking as if the reservation is unconstitutional. This is an attempt to polarize. It is a big lie to say that it is being given anew now. Narendra Modi is a master at lying. He said that among the Prime Ministers of independent India, Narendra Modi told the highest lies. There are no constitutional elements except those uttered out of desperation to lose. In the last Lok Sabha elections, the people of Karnataka voted for the BJP and elected 25 people. None of the elected MPs spoke about injustice in Karnataka. There is no use of them going to the Lok Sabha in the name of protecting the interest of the state,” he remarked.

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