Kabul Bets Big on Iran’s Chabahar Port, Eyes Bolstering Ties

This followed an Afghan delegation’s visit to Iran, highlighting the growing economic cooperation between the two countries….reports Asian Lite News

The Taliban administration in Afghanistan has pledged a $35 million investment in Iran’s Chabahar port, signalling a strategic shift towards diversifying trade partnerships.

Iranian Special Envoy to Kabul, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, revealed this commitment, emphasising Afghanistan’s intention to broaden economic ties, the Khaama Press reported.

This announcement followed a visit by an Afghan delegation to Iran, underlining the strengthening economic collaboration between the two nations.

Notably, the investment focuses on the Fakher construction project within the Chabahar Special Economic Zone, envisioning a 25-story residential complex. This initiative aims to bolster Afghanistan’s access to global waters and enhance its trading capabilities.

According to the Khaama Press reports, the interaction between Afghanistan and Iran occurs amidst tense relations between the two nations, stemming not only from border disputes and water rights issues but also from strained ties with neighbouring Pakistan.

The port of Chabahar is located outside the Persian Gulf and therefore, is relatively free from the turbulent geopolitics of the Gulf. However, the presence at Chabahar will be useful to monitor the strategic developments in the Persian Gulf as well as in the Gulf of Oman.

Chabahar’s location along the Makran coast, near the port of Gwadar developed by China in Pakistan, is significant. Gwadar is long seen as the likely site of the second Chinese military base in the Indian Ocean. Therefore, India’s presence at Chabahar matters from the point of view of maritime as well as continental strategy. With the intensifying turbulence in Pakistan and the instability in Balochistan, the importance of Chabahar has gone up significantly.

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