MBZ hails UAE’s response to rains

H.H. Sheikh Mohamed appreciated members of the national and local emergency and crisis teams in managing rescue and evacuation operations….reports Asian Lite News

President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan has reaffirmed that the safety and security of citizens and residents is the top priority of the UAE government. The President also expressed his appreciation for the level of awareness and responsibility demonstrated by people during the adverse weather conditions witnessed recently across the country.

H.H. Sheikh Mohamed has directed the concerned authorities to quickly work on studying the condition of infrastructure throughout the UAE and to limit the damage caused after the country witnessed its heaviest rainfall on record.

The UAE President also directed that the necessary support be provided to all families impacted by the severe weather, ordering the transfer of affected families to safe locations in cooperation with local authorities.

H.H. Sheikh Mohamed expressed his appreciation to members of the national and local emergency and crisis teams and various authorities in managing rescue and evacuation operations during the unprecedented conditions, which had a positive impact on preserving lives and property. The President also highlighted on the deep appreciation to the spirit of solidarity portrayed by the UAE community during the weather conditions, noting it to be a true essence of the UAE identity.

End of weather fluctuations

 The Ministry of Interior (MoI), in collaboration with the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, the National Centre of Meteorology, and strategic partners, has announced the end of the weather fluctuations, with rainfall stopping and weather conditions gradually improving.

MoI highlighted the efforts of the field teams that worked in a preventive manner and will continue to work diligently until full recovery. The Supreme Committee for Internal Security remained in constant session during the weather conditions to ensure rapid response and guarantee business continuity

All emergency response teams, including the civil defence, ambulance, rescue and Police patrol will continue to work to secure roads and areas with fast-moving streams, valleys and dam exits. The teams are working to manage traffic and clear the rainwater until full restoration of normal life in all civil facilities.

The Ministry expressed deep appreciation to the role of the concerned authorities in dealing with the weather fluctuations, highlighting their contribution in reducing the repercussions of the unusual weather conditions through a proactive and professional integrated response that ensured the protection of lives and properties and enhanced society’s stability and safety.

The Ministry praised the positive role of social responsibility reflected in the public’s awareness during the weather fluctuations as they put their trust in government bodies to deal with emergency weather conditions and received updates through official state channels. Emphasis was made on the importance of continuing to adhere to the instructions issued by the official authorities and staying clear from stream valleys and water accumulations.

Emirates extends DXB check-in suspension

Emirates is extending the suspension of check-in for passengers departing Dubai effective until 09:00 on 18th April, due to continued operational challenges caused by bad weather and road conditions, the Airline announced on its official X account.

Emirates had previously announced that it is suspending check-in for passengers departing DXB from 08:00 on 17th April until midnight, due to operational challenges caused by bad weather and road conditions.

Customers departing Dubai are advised to not travel to the airport until after 09:00 on 18th April, and only if they have a confirmed flight booking. “Do not come to the airport if you have a booking before this time, as you will be unable to check in,” the Airline stated.

DXB Terminal 1 entry

Dubai Airports urged travellers not to come to Terminal 1 at the airport before confirming their flight status with their airline.

In a post on its official X account, DXB said that due to crowding, access to DXB’s Terminal 1 is now strictly limited to guests with confirmed departures.

Re-booking facilities are not available on-site, the post added.

Zayed Airport fully operational

Zayed International Airport remains fully operational despite recent adverse weather. Abu Dhabi Airports is closely collaborating with airlines and service staff to continue serving passengers smoothly.

Passengers are advised to check their respective airlines’ websites, and social media feeds, ahead of arriving at the airport.

Within the last 24 hours, 21 flights, including one freighter and 20 passenger flights, were diverted from Dubai International Airport (DXB) to Zayed International Airport (AUH).

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