Rain brings vibe energies to people of Oman

Oman welcomes rain as gift of nature, many took selfies and reels, reports Vinod Raghavan

MUSCAT: Rains lashed for the second day in the Sultanate of Oman, bringing to a halt of all activities, as the authorities did not wanted the people to face any hardships due to water logging or traffic snarls.

Traffic snarls are not only seen in big cities of the world, but it can cause road blocks even on the Sultan Qaboos Street on any rainy day.

But, the difference between big cities and Oman is you can’t hear any honking or racing their vehicles in the Sultanate, but they patiently waits to move the snarls at their own pace.

The MET Department had already announced earlier that two days Sunday-Monday will be raining, but as human nature, one cannot resist of not leaving their home to fulfill the responsibility towards their work too.

Besides, rain it was a day for International cycling race – 13th edition of Tour of Oman, which also caused the blockage of roads in Muscat governorate, but the expats and nationals took it in their stride.

While, many taking advantage of public holiday and enjoying the rare rain in Oman, didn’t wanted to miss the nature’s gift.

Corniche in Muttrah was a buzzed with people taking selfies and reels.

Anita Rajan, a local actor resident of CBD, Ruwi, has been vying to shoot the famous Bollywood number Rim Jhim Ghire Sawan, Sulag Sulag Jaye Mun, Bheege Aaj Is Mausam Mein, Lagi Kaisi Yeah Agan picturised on Amitabh Bachchan and Moushami Chatterjee in the 80s capturing the rain in Mumbai’s scenic places with sea, traffic and open parks, was lucky enough to capture various locations of Muscat.

Accompanied along-with Kabeer Yousuf, known journalist and actor, helped her in shooting the song at the picturesque Corniche against the roaring Arabian sea.

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