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Keralite freed after 6 years thanks to Yusuf Ali

Krishna was in jail for the past six years in Abu Dhabi after his vehicle which he was driving, hit a Sudanese...

Citizen journalists suffer the worse in China

Among the three, Zhang Zhan was formally sentenced to four years in prison in December 2020 and has been transferred to the...

Internet freedom in Pakistan declined in 2020

The report said Pakistan was witnessing decline in enforcement of digital rights, freedom of expression and right to information ,especially in online...

London Pays Tribute to Babasaheb

Dr. Ambedkar’s vision was of an India where the social system and economy would promote the full development of human potential and...

Mullahs, Military Stiffle Free Press In Pakistan

According to 2020 World Press Freedom Index compiled by Reporters without Borders, Pakistan ranks 145 out of 180 countries as against the...