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Merkel gets first dose of Covid vaccine

Vaccination is the key to overcoming the pandemic," Merkel was quoted as saying, Xinhua news agency reported...reports Asian Lite News.

Germany on brink of 3rd Covid wave

"If the numbers of seriously ill Covid-19 patients exceed those experienced during the second wave, we will be in a critical situation,"...

Germany cancels plan for Easter lockdown

"This mistake is mine and mine alone," stressed Merkel. As chancellor, she said she was ready to take the ultimate responsibility...reports...

Germany set to return to lockdown

Officials confirmed that an "emergency brake" is the need of the hour amid steep hike in Covid-19 cases...reports Asian Lite News

Nord Stream 2 faces US sanction threat

Blinken has slammed the Nord Stream as a Russian project intended to divide Europe. Nord Stream 2 is...