Sahara India Pariwar Chairman, Subrata Roy. (IANS)

Sahara India Pariwar Chairman, Subrata Roy, on Tuesday said that delay in resumption of economic activities will push millions of people into “severe unemployment and starvation”.

In a video message, Roy said that the country will have to continue with the economic and social activities along with the rapid spread of the pandemic.

“If the economic activities are not resumed now, the economy of the country will get in tatters, and millions of people will be pushed into severe unemployment and starvation,” he said.

Roy went on to say that when the lockdown started, the front-line warriors like government officials, doctors, healthcare workers, police personnel and community leaders were full of enthusiasm but now, this seems to be “fading away”.

“Every day we are witnessing painful stories of sufferings of infected people and their care takers. The situation is almost chaotic.”

He further said that the role of the government and healthcare organisations is less important while the role of the people is more significant and challenging.

Noting that the government and healthcare services have their limitations, he asked people to be self-warriors in this fight against the virus.

“In other words, now we have to depend more on ourselves. We will have to be self-warriors in this fight against the pandemic. We will have to be extremely alert now,” he added.

“We must fulfill this responsibility of ours. We have to keep cooperating with local administration and all the front-line corona warriors. We will have to strengthen our resolve that we have to defeat the pandemic.”

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