Dr. Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, attending the emergency meeting of the Arab League.

An emergency meeting of the Council of the Arab League at the ministerial level was held on Tuesday to discuss developments related to Libya and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

During the meeting, which was held via videoconference, the ministers discussed events taking place in Libya and threats to Arab national security, as well as Egypt’s concerns over foreign interference by regional powers and the deployment of mercenaries from northern Syria in Libya. They also discussed proposals for a peaceful settlement, with the latest being the Cairo Initiative proposed two weeks ago.

During the UAE’s speech, Dr. Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs highlighted the country’s keenness to unify Libya and the role of Arab countries in achieving a political solution, stressing the importance of an immediate ceasefire, which will pave the way for a comprehensive political solution and the return of security and stability in Libya, as well as end the bloodshed, de-escalate the region, and counter Turkey’s interventions that threaten Arab national security, particularly Egypt’s security.

Gargash reiterated the UAE’s position on the Libyan crisis, which is supported by the international community and will lead to a political solution based on United Nations resolutions and the outcomes of the Berlin Conference.

He then called on all Libyan parties to immediately respond to Egypt’s ceasefire initiative, re-build their institutions, restore law and order to combat terrorism, and confront foreign interference..

Gargash highlighted the UAE’s solidarity with Egypt in efforts to protect its security, stability, and right to self-determination under the framework of international legitimacy.

Arab foreign ministers also held a second session on Egypt’s request, to discuss the progress of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

During the session, the ministers affirmed joint Arab support for Egypt and Sudan and called upon Ethiopia to respond to the Egyptian-Sudanese initiatives and commit to international law to reach a just and balanced solution that will preserve the rights of the two countries and their peoples in terms of access to water.

The ministers then asserted the need for a comprehensive agreement between the three parties before the Ethiopian Government in Addis Ababa can begin operating the dam.

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