The Gulf Cooperation Council, GCC, has condemned the Houthi militias for launching booby-trapped drones against populated areas in southern Saudi Arabia on Monday.

GCC Secretary-General Dr. Nayef Al-Hajraf said that these terrorist attacks, which come as the world mobilises its efforts to confront the coronavirus pandemic, are not only aimed at destabilising the security of Saudi Arabia, but also of the Gulf region.

He added that the drones were blatant violations of international laws which restricted attacks of civilians and civilian areas. He also commended the Saudi air force for intercepting and destroying the drones before reaching their targets.

“The GCC stands firmly with Saudi Arabia in all measures the Kingdom has been taking to preserve its security, stability and safety of the population,” he said.

Al-Hajraf called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities and stand against the Houthi Militias that destabilise peace and security in the region.

Early reports said the joint forces of the Arab coalition supporting the legitimate government in Yemen on Tuesday morning intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile launched by the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia from Sa’dah, Yemen, towards Najran, Saudi Arabia.

The Coalition Spokesman Colonel Turki Al Maliki, said that the attack was “a deliberate attempt to target civilians and civilian objects,” the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

He said that the Houthis continue in their “villainous attempts” aimed at civilians who are protected under International Humanitarian Law. He added that the Coalition have so far intercepted and destroyed 313 missiles and 357 drones, that were heading towards the Kingdom.

“The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition continues to undertake all decisive, rigorous measures against the terrorist Houthi militia to neutralise and destroy [their] capabilities in protection of innocent civilians against these haphazard, villainous acts in accordance with the customary International Humanitarian Law,” he concluded.

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