Google Voice now auto switches between Wi-Fi & cellular data

This feature does not have admin control and is now available for all users…reports Asian Lite News

With an aim to provide a better calling experience, tech giant Google has rolled out a new ‘intelligent network switching’ feature to its telephone service Google Voice, which will automatically switch ongoing calls between cellular data service and Wi-Fi.

Voice will now automatically switch between cellular data service and Wi-Fi when it determines that one network type will lead to better call quality, the tech giant said in a Workspace Updates blogpost on Friday.

Prior to this change, Voice also identified the ideal network only at the time the call was placed and did not make any corrections for changes in network performance that might arise during the call.

This feature does not have admin control and is now available for all users.

In December last year, the tech giant had rolled out a feature which allowed users to customise how its Voice service handles incoming calls.

Users were able to configure the application to forward calls from either individual or groups of contacts to a linked phone number or their voicemails.

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