Snow and ice causing travel disruption in UK

Residents have been warned to expect “as much as 15 to 20 centimetres of snow accumulating over high ground” in Scotland and the north east…reports Asian Lite News

More heavy snow is expected in parts of the country on Tuesday after freezing temperatures caused transport chaos and dangerous conditions.

Monday was provisionally the coldest day in the UK since December 2010, the Met Office said, as blasts of cool Arctic air keep the nation in the freezer.

A low of -15.6°C was recorded in Braemar, Aberdeenshire, where temperatures did not rise above -9.3°C all day.

Forecasters said the mercury in northern Scotland could drop even further overnight, possibly hitting lows of -20°C.

Things will remain “very cold across the whole of the UK, with widespread freezing conditions” on Tuesday, the Met Office said.

Weather warnings are this morning in place for the south-east of England, the north-east of England, the north of Scotland and Northern Ireland, as snow, ice and fog threaten to grind the roads to a halt.

Residents have been warned to expect “as much as 15 to 20 centimetres of snow accumulating over high ground” in Scotland and the north east.

The frosty weather coincides with a two-day rail walkout that begins on Tuesday, which could lead to more road traffic despite hazardous driving conditions.

People in parts of the country have been warned not to travel unless conditions allow and journeys are essential, amid a surge in collisions and breakdowns.

The RAC said it received more than 9,000 calls for assistance on Monday – 50 per cent more than usual for the time of year.

The UK Health Security Agency will keep a cold weather alert in place across the UK until at least Friday due to the risk to the elderly and vulnerable.

Temperatures are likely to remain close to zero until the weekend – though there may be some respite next week,

Met Office chief meteorologist Matthew Lehnert said: “By the end of the weekend there is a signal that we may see a shift in type away from the Arctic-dominated conditions with milder and wetter weather coming in from the Atlantic.

“While the freezing conditions remain, drivers especially are reminded that freezing fog, snow and other wintry hazards will continue to create difficult conditions in places this week.”

Monday’s wintry conditions caused a number of airports to close their runways and roads struggled to cope, leaving swathes of drivers stranded.

Road users in the South East were being asked by National Highways not to travel unless it was essential due to heavy snow already falling on Sunday evening, with as much as 10cm covering the roads.

Duty operations manager for the region Gina Oxley advised motorists not to travel “unless absolutely essential” as heavy snow continues to be forecast.

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